I’d Walk A Mile for A . . .


Don’t know what this guy was doing in a cow pasture. When I first saw him out of the corner of my eye I thought he was a statue or something, but then he turned and looked at me. He did seem pretty content.

I saw him right down the road from our ‘maybe’ new rig site. I drove over Friday morning to check out the location to see what it looks like.

And this is it. Unfortunately we’re back at the edge of the drill site again. The extension on the right is where we would be parked.

New Pad 2

The location is part of a two pad site, and there’s already another drill rig on the other pad to the left of this shot, just a couple of hundred yards away. Our pad is down a slight hill from the other rig.

New Pad 3

The reason I said “our ‘maybe’ new rig site” is that there’s already a gate guard here at the main entrance to both pads.

New Pad 4

That’s his RV behind the light tower on the left. And as it’s set up right now he would have to respond to any vehicles that come into the area, even the ones coming down to our pad on the right in this photo. Our Company Man says they definitely want their own gate guard (us!) so I don’t know how they will divide it up. We’ll have to see. We may end up somewhere else.

Our Company Man also said they plan on starting to tear down here on Wednesday. Don’t know yet what time. So it’s all up in air. As usual.

Under the heading of “What’s Wrong with this Picture”, here’s the temperature at 4:14 Thursday afternoon here in South Texas.

Charlotte 99
And here’s the temperature in Elkhart, IN during the same time period.

Elkhart 102 

Nick’s Bad Weather Curse strikes again.

Normally Jan and I have our big meal of the day at night, with usually just a snack for lunch. But Friday, coming back from looking over our ‘maybe’ new location, I stopped off at Linda’s Cafe in Charlotte for a couple of their Chicken Fried Steak dinners. Which just as we had been told, were very, very good.

And of course we then planned to just have a snack for supper. But look what showed up from the catering truck delivering food to the rig – two delicious Fried Catfish and Fried Shrimp  & Hushpuppy dinners with Green Bean Casserole.

Catfish Dinner

And it was fresh, hot, and really, really good.

Then today (Saturday) Jan made a delicious crockpot meal of Rum Chicken over while rice, along with 7-UP biscuits. In case you’re wondering, Rum Chicken is what you get when you make Bourbon Chicken and don’t have any Bourbon, so you use what you have.

The last two days have been really slow on the gate, fewer than 40 vehicles each day. But it’s probably the calm before the storm. As they start to cap off the well, trucks with cement, sand, and water flood in, and trucks carrying drilling fluids, waste water, and more, head out, Last teardown we had almost 130 vehicles each day.

So busy days ahead.


Thought for the Day:

Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don’t.



10 Responses

  1. I’d love to have the Rum/Bourbon Chicken crockpot recipe. We toured the KY Bourbon trail last month and I have been looking for something to use bourbon for …other than sipping!

  2. I’ll try to post it in the next blog.

  3. I’d walk a mile for ….a new tablet device.

    I use my iPhone for reading Kindle books, blogs, email, Facebook, texting and some web searching, so a larger screen would be greatly appreciated … BUT I can’t decide which is a better choice at the moment. We have a DROID phone (which I MUCH prefer over the iPhone) because it syncs to everything I use.

    Which would YOU chose between the older Samsung Tab 10″ and the new Google Nexus 7″ (still on pre-order status)? The size of the Samsung really interests me – even at double the price. I use Google for everything have been DIS-appointed in my new iPhone 4S.

    I’m ready to start walking too …..
    which way do I go, George? Errrr, Greg?

  4. Camels, really??

  5. I just got a Kindle Fire, and after having it a week or two, I can say that if they had it out when I bought my first generation iPad, I would have saved the money and bought the Fire instead.

  6. Enjoy your post. We worked a couple of months last fall between Whitsett & 3 Rivers. Chattanooga, TN was 107 today. Was 92 in Daytona Beach. Crazy Weather ! Stay cool out there. Have fun at the Rally with Nick. We’ve never been to any rallies, but sure sounds like fun & lots od good info. Good luck on your new gate! Lynn

  7. The Tab is supposed to be pretty good. And I don’t know much about the Nexus yet.

    Have to see what’s it’s like when it finally comes out, but it’s supposed to be nice.

    The only problem with a new machine like the Nexus is that it takes a while for a large selection of apps to appear.

    Jan and I both really like the Kindle Fire we got a couple of months ago. It does everything you’ve mentioned, and more.

    And has 100 of thousands of apps available.

    And for $199 it’s a bargain.

  8. Elizabeth,

    Hey, you go with what you’ve got.

    It’s hard to come up with blog content (we call it ‘blog fodder’) sitting out here in the middle of nowhere.

  9. Lynn,


    You need to check out one of Nick’s rallies. Between Yuma and Celina you ought to have one close enough.

    Thanks for reading our blog.


  10. With Jan hogging the Fire all time, we may end up being a two Fire family like we ended up with two regular Kindles.

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