Bor…ring !

Believe me, the life of an oilfield gate guard is not all exciting fun and games. Sometimes it is absolutely, completely BORING!

Trucks come in, trucks come out. Then we stare at the trees across the road, and watch the bunny rabbits hop past.

Jan says “Yeah, it’s boring until the tarantulas coming out to play. And then there’s the snakes and scorpions.”

Well, maybe it’s not always boring.


I had a number of comments and questions about my blog concerning oilfield jobs. All I could suggest was to check out the San Antonio and Corpus Christi newspapers for the job fairs the companies are holding around the state.

I know around here that there are a number of billboards advertising for CDL truck drivers, and I also hear ads on San Antonio radio stations looking for drivers too.

One thing to remember is that before you can work on an oil rig, apparently you must get a tattoo. In some cases, you must get a lot of them. At least that’s how it is with pretty much every roughneck and roustabout around here.

And you probably will need to get a divorce. Maybe several, even. At least that’s also the case with pretty much every guy. Working one week on and one week off, or even two weeks on and two off, take a toll on a marriage.

But then three guys showed up with new trucks this week. So maybe it all works out.


Reading an article on Social Security the other day made me realize that I may have a problem with the money we’re making gate guarding. At least as far as Social Security goes.

This year a person on early Social Security can make $14,640 before the government starts taking money back. Normally my computer and Internet income stay under this level, but our gate guarding is going to put me over since the paychecks have been coming in my name only. So I called the Gate Guard Services office on Friday and had them change the paychecks to Jan’s name. This will save us money since she doesn’t have any income in her name. Wish I had thought of this earlier.

Oh well. It’s only money.


Looks like we’re in for a few days of very hot temps, maybe as high as 107 degrees. When it was up to 105 a while back our water misting system kept things comfortable. With the mist coming off the fan, you get a little damp, or even wet. But it’s a cooling wet, and not a sweaty wet. So it’s all good.

Last night I tried to put up the new solar screens on the windshield to help cut down on the heat coming into the rig. I had planned to just stick it up using Gorilla Tape to hold it to the glass. However, although the tape stuck to the glass just fine, it would not stick to the solar screen material. Bummer.

I think what I’ll try next is to run a cord from the awning bracket on one side of the rig across the top of the windshield to the bracket on the other side. Then I’ll just hang the screen from the cord and use binder clips to fasten it in place like on a clothesline. Should work just fine. But I’ll let you know.

Quick, easy, and cheap. My kind of solution.


Thought for the Day:

If peanut butter cookies are made from peanut butter, then what are Girl Scout cookies made out of?



11 Responses

  1. I know the job gets boring for you guys, but it makes for interesting reading for us. Really enjoy your blog. Sometimes i 3even read yours before I read Nick But geez, don’t tell him that.

  2. Don’t tell me what?

  3. So, because you want to work and make money, Social Security takes away the money you already earned, paid into and had coming. Now there’s an incentive!

  4. Nothing.

    Never mind.

    Go away.

    Keep moving.

    Nothing to see here.

  5. You made me laugh with the job requirements to work on a rig. What sobered me up is that they are reality. Good observations about people:)

  6. Take a picture of your latest solar protection, please, when you get it worked out! It’s gonna be 104 in Spring, today, and 110 heat index. Ugh!

  7. Some of the sunscreens are attached using super magnets on the inside of the glass and on the sunscreen. That would make a slick and easy way to put it up and take it down. Hmm, does Amazon carry them. 🙂

  8. Jeannie,

    I’m still refining the concept, but I’ll do a photo when I get it finished.

    It’s really pretty simple to do. Just the the clothesline around the top of the windshield and tie it off on your awning brackets on both sides.

    Then just hang the solar screen from the line using binder clips.

    I fold the screen over the line to make it more secure and level with the bottom of the windshield.


  9. Bob,

    I’ve seen these at Nick’s rallies.

    But I’m cheap and these things are expensive, over $450 for the set I saw.

    This is the first time we’ve needed anything more than the inside stickup shades.

    My clothesline/Home Depot solar screen setup is working great.

    Thanks for reading our blog.


  10. Greg,
    Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I was talking about using the magnets to hold up your screen.

  11. Bob,

    That’s what I was talking about too.

    They’re called MagnaShades and cost about $450 a set.

    Mostly due to the cost of the high power magnets that are needed to hold the screen to the glass.


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