If It’s Tuesday, It Must Chile Rellenos . . .

We now have a new place to eat every Tuesday.

Why, you might ask?

Because Tuesday is Chile Relleno day at Galindo’s in Charlotte.

Galindo’s is a nondescript (rundown, even) little place that I pass every time I go into Pleasanton for supplies. It’s actually the closest restaurant to our gate site.


But one thing I’ve noticed is that there are always cars in front, and at lunch time it’s hard to even drive past the place. They don’t really have any parking to speak of, so customers just park along both sides of the street.

And today, in the window, was a sign that said “Chile Relleno”. As it turns out, Tuesday is Chile Relleno day at Galindo’s. And Jan says, boy do they make good ones.

I got her the Chile Relleno dinner with rice and beans, and I got a couple of Chorizo and Egg breakfast tacos for me. I really like the fact that they serve the breakfast stuff all day.

Jan said it was the best Chile Relleno she’s had in a long time. Filled with ground beef and cheese, and covered in a crispy coating, she said it was delicious. And she really liked the rice and beans, too. Very tasty.

Even the chips and salsa were great. Really hot salsa.

So we now know where we’ll be eating from every Tuesday.


Things sure pop up quickly around here. One day it’s an empty pad with just BOP(Blow Out Preventer) standing in the middle of it. That’s the insect-looking thing sticking up in the center of the photo below.



Then, two days later it looks like this after the fracking crew moves in.

Fracking Site

It’s really amazing how fast they can build up and tear down these small cites, almost overnight.

And apparently they are really hurting for oilfield workers down here. I was reading another website about all the job fairs the companies are holding. A truck driver with a CDL and six months experience starts at $29.50/hr. And this is local, home every night work.

Certified Rig Workers make between 100K and 200K a year. And a ‘year’ consists of six months for them, since they work 7 twelve hour days and are then off for 7 days. That explains why we have new guys show up working on the crew, riding with someone else, or driving a beat-up clunker, and then a month later (two work shifts) they show in a new $40 – $50,000 truck.

It seems like a lot of people don’t want to work this hard, but the companies say one of the biggest problems is finding people who can pass the drug tests. You’d think they could at least knock off the weed for the 30 days before the test.

And as far as the ‘Certified Rig Worker’ goes, those are mostly safety and EPA certifications that the oil company puts you through after you are hired.


When we were in San Antonio last Sunday, I stopped in at Home Depot and picked up another couple of rolls of solar screen. Although I have screens on the inside of the windshield, they don’t really fit flush to the glass, letting more heat in. So I’m going to hang solar screen on the outside also, to help cut down the heat load on the AC’s.

As it stands right now, the AC’s run constantly from around 11am to about 7pm without let up. Glad we don’t have to pay for the diesel to run the generator for that.


Jan had another Tarantula sighting the other day. But this one was closer to home. Much closer!

She looked down and there was one sitting about a foot from her foot. She said she tried to scream but nothing would come out. Despite being scared to death she didn’t want to kill it if she didn’t have to, so she picked up a small spade laying nearby and banged it on the table leg.

The first time nothing happened. The second time the spider started coming toward here. Whoops! But the third time she banged harder and the tarantula scurried away.

She now has a large mirror propped up on the ground so she can see behind her in case another one tries to sneak up on her.

I gave her a water spray bottle and told her to just squirt it a few times and that should run it off. Of course it might just make it mad.

But we won’t tell her that.


Thought for the Day:

A fool and his money are soon partying.



6 Responses

  1. For a screen to be a solar screen, it must be mounted outside the rig where it will make a tremendous difference. Once the light enters the glass, it’s “game over” as the windshields on our rigs are giant greenhouses. The inside screens are simply privacy screens that can prevent the sun from striking you internally, but cannot reject the heat that is already inside the coach.

    Also, if you can orient the coach so that you are facing east / west (with the sides of your rig facing north/south, then you will also get less heat gain. With external fitted solar screens on most of our windows and parked properly, we could maintain a reasonable internal temp even at 110F in AZ.

    The only downside is putting the shades up and taking them down. I have seen some advertised that use magnets for faster installation. Not sure how well that will work… we have quarter turn fasteners. Once they are on, they block 90% of the heat from entering.

    Once you test out the shading material from Home Depot, you might find that you want custom shades for your rig… you won’t regret getting them. Then you can use the left over material to build a “shade” for the black fresh water tank to keep it a little cooler :-))

  2. Do you have contact info for these job opportunities? Do you know if they hire women for the rig jobs?

  3. We were on a gate 28 miles from Charlotte on Hwy 97. Every time (once a week) I went to Pleasanton for laundry/shopping, I would all Linda’s Cafe in Charlotte when I left Pleasanton for an order to go. It would be ready when I got to the drive up window. My husband loved the chicken fried steaks, big enough for 2 meals and the good ole greasy hanburers. Never noticed Galindos, ut did notice a new BBQ cafe 1 blk of Hwy 97. Hope to get back to a gate this fall. We have the Screens that are fastened with brads on the outside of our windshield/windows, they do a great job. they are from Sun Shade a company in AZ. that we purchased and had installed at a Good Sam Ralley in Fl, they do a great job. See you down the road.

  4. Yeah, I ‘m aware of the problem with having the shades on the inside, but normally they work just fine and are very convenient.

    We haven’t had a problem before because usually we’re up on the Oregon/Washington Coast about this time of year, and if we need them at all, the inside ones do the job.

    The inside ones do make a big difference however. With the curtains closed and no shades , a thermometer hung behind the curtains will show 90 – 95 degrees. Hang the shades and close the curtains again, and the temp drops 20 degrees or so in just a few minutes. But they don’t work as well when the temp is 105 outside.

    I’ve looked at the Magna-Shades at one of Nick’s rallies and they’re pretty expensive, over $400 if I remember correctly. And for that price, not really needed for our normal use. I think they’re so expensive due to the cost of the super-high strength magnets used.

    I’ll probably just tape the new solar screen to the windshield with Gorilla Tape and see how it does, although I do have some suction cups that might work.

    We’ll see.


  5. Elaine,

    Sorry I don’t have any direct contact info. There are billboards all around here wanting truck drivers with a CDL, and I’ve heard of the job fairs in San Antonio and Corpus Christi. So you might just try getting a hold of a San Antonio or Corpus newspaper and check the want ads.

    I’ve never seen a woman rig worker. They mostly seem to be guys in their early 20’s. And when they’re working on the rig in the summer, usually don’t have shirts on.

    So a woman rig worker might be interesting for all concerned LOL.

    I have seen a few women truck drivers however, and quite a few women geologists come through here. Of course they have college degrees.

    The real preponderance of women seem to be the cute young girls doing sales calls to the rig. And a low cut blouse seems to be the normal wardrobe.

    Hope this helps some.


  6. Mickey.

    Were ya’ll down toward Fowlerton then|

    We’ve seen Linda’s and it also is very busy. Just haven’t had a chance to try them yet.

    Galindo’s is about a block right off 97 south on FM 140 at the flashing yellow traffic light.

    Thanks for reading our blog.


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