The Big Three . . .

or Snakes and Scorpions and Tarantulas, Oh My!

After first seeing a 4 foot long black snake (but no rattlesnakes, yet), and a two inch scorpion,



Jan now has the Trifecta of gate guard animal sightings.

A big black tarantula!

Tarantula 2

Tarantula 1

She saw it a little after 8pm last night (Saturday) coming from around the front of the RV and heading out across the road. Said it was about the size of her hand and scurrying pretty quickly. Once it got to the rocks along the roadside, it stopped to groom itself before heading off into the woods.

Jan was so proud of herself. She said she didn’t scream once.


Under the heading of Why won’t Chase Bank take my Money?

You know that Chase Bank commercial where the guy gets all dressed up to go make a bank deposit, then holds his check up in the air and takes a picture of it with his cellphone, and he’s done.

Well, it doesn’t work quite like that. First off, you can’t just hold the check up like that. It has to be on a flat surface, and it usually takes me 2 or 3 tries before I get one that the app likes.

But it usually works pretty well and it’s very useful while we’re gate guarding, since the nearest Chase Bank is about 60 miles away, and unfortunately Gate Guard Services doesn’t do direct deposit. But up until now I’ve been able to pick up my check at the office and then upload it right there before heading home.

But not this past Friday. I tried it three times and each time it told me my deposit was too large. Huh? The check was for the same amount as always, and in one case it was larger.

So what gives? Heading back home I called Chase, and after being told by two different people that there was no limit on QuickDeposit deposits, finally one person went away for about 10 minutes and came back to say there is no limit on individual deposits, but that there is a limit on how much money you can deposit in any one 30 day period. Again, huh?

Apparently you can deposit no more than $5000 in any 30 day period. I then pointed out that despite what she said, there is a limit on individual deposits, since I assume the system would not let me deposit $5001 all at one time, even if I had never deposited anything before.

She hesitated, and then said “Yes, that’s true, but there’s still no limit on individual deposits, just a limit on deposits in a 30 day period.


She then noted that I could make another deposit on the 15th of June and that would solve my problem, but she was stumped when I reminded her that a week later I would have another check that I couldn’t deposit.

And it looks like the way the 30 period rolls though the calendar, at one point I could end up with as many as 3 pay checks that I can’t deposit.



Thought for the Day:

I was always taught to respect my elders, but unfortunately it keeps getting harder to find any.



7 Responses

  1. What is the world coming too!! a bank that has a limit on the amount of money that they will take in a month!! Now I have heard everything. Time to find a new bank I would guess. Try Credit unions, if you are a veteran USAA is one of better ones and lots of locations. I dont use them but have heard a lot about them. Doug

  2. Sounds like you need another bank, or what about a credit union instead??

  3. So i can solve your problem! I will be glad for you to deposit that check in my acct! Thanks! Lol

  4. PS…Jan is BRAVE!!!

  5. USAA is the best if you’re eligible. I love their remote deposit!

  6. Can you still MAIL-IN your check with a deposit slip from the back of your checkbook like in the good ol: days? We always write “for deposit only” and the acct. #. Take your checkbook, envelope, and stamps with you when you go for yout next check.

  7. I’m with the crowd moving to credit unions. I now refuse to do any business with the mega-giant banks. They don’t give a damn about me, and I am much happier having nothing whatsoever to do with them. Check out Pentagon Federal Credit Union. They are a pleasure do do business with. A live person answers the phone any time day or night, and their remote deposit setup works nicely. Highly recommended. 🙂

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