Mister Cool . . .

First off, more congrats are in order to our granddaughter Piper. She just received her C. N. A. (Certified Nursing Assistant) certification, specializing, I believe, in Phlebotomy.

Piper's CNA 

In other words, she really likes to stick it to people.

She’ll be starting on a four year scholarship at the University of Houston – Downtown in the Fall, working toward her degree as a Nurse Practitioner.

Piper in Straw Hat

All this and she hasn’t even graduated from high school yet.

Next Thursday, tho.

Well, my cooling mister experiment turned out to be real success, but not quite like I intended. The kit I bought at Tractor Supply came with 50 feet of line and 10 misters, as well as the necessary connectors.

Ocean Beeze Mister

I had planned to run the hose around the bottom edge of our canopy like they show on the box. But things were pretty busy on the gate, and while I was thinking about how I wanted to hang the hose, I decided to just hook up one mister on the end of the hose (so I could cut it off with no problems if I didn’t like where it was).

After noticing how fine the mist coming from the nozzle was, I stuck it behind our fan and twist-tied it in place.

Mister mister

Turning the fan on and placing it about 5 feet away, the difference was almost instantaneous. I could feel the moisture hitting my face, but I wasn’t getting wet. And it was suddenly much, much cooler where I was sitting.

After enjoying the cool breeze for a few minutes, I hung my thermometer in front of the fan to see what it would register. The thermometer said 100 degrees (it had been kind of in the sun. I think it was about 95 degrees) and I wanted to see exactly how much difference it made.

Mister FanWithin about 30 seconds the display started falling. 99, 98, 97 . . . And in about 5 minutes it was down to 80 degrees, which explains why it felt so comfortable now. And the 20 degree drop is just what the box said it would give.

Mister Temp After thinking things over, I decided this solution was perfect for what we needed. Most of the time there’s just one of us out here, so why cool the whole area. And it’s certainly a lot simpler. The fan motor is completely sealed so a little moisture is not going to hurt it. And this will save on water usage too. Since ours has to be trucked in, that was a concern.

We’ll see how it works tomorrow for the whole day. It’s not supposed to be quite as hot as today, only about 91, but it will still be a good test.

More later.


Last night while working the gate about 10pm, Jan saw a large black snake slithering across the road about 25 feet away. It had come from behind our rig and was heading for the woods across the road.

The wind was very strong, and Jan said the snake was being blown sideways as it moved so it had to keep adjusting its course, kind of like a sailboat tacking into the wind.

A few minutes later a truck was leaving the site and Jan had to walk over to that side of the road to check him out. She had her flashlight out and was frantically searching the roadside for snake signs as the truck came to a stop behind her.

What she didn’t realize was that the guy had gotten out of his truck to see what she was looking at. When his hand touched her shoulder, she let out a loud scream.

And then he let out a loud scream.

By that time I think if the snake was still anywhere near by, he was headed for the deep woods.

On another critter note, I took this picture of a two inch long brown scorpion, right before he unfortunately passed away. Services to be announced at a later date.



Thought for the Day:

Don’t wish doom on your enemies … plan it.



11 Responses

  1. That’s all I need to know. I’ll see you in Ohio. I don’t do creepy crawlies and things that slither

  2. Uh- Greg. On mist cooling fans, the nozzles usually go in FRONT of the fan. You can get nozzle assemblies in a ring shape for the purpose. 20 degree temperature drop is pretty good. I’ read of as much as 30 degrees in very hot, dry conditions. I grew up in West Texas, and evaporative cooling was all there was. I remember helping my dad work on fans and water pumps in the air conditioners.I don’t remember seeing a refrigerated type air conditioner until the family moved to the Houston area when I was in high school.

  3. I’m with Nick, maybe gate sitting isn’t such a good job!! 🙂 I can just imagine that trucker screaming–I’m still giggling.

  4. A perfect blog. Start with a pretty girl, toss in some ingenuity, add some intrigue and finish with humor. Well done, Mr. White.

    P.S. Who is that Nick Russell fella???

  5. What a smart, motivated granddaughter!! Congratulations to all!! Now, with those looks hopefully someone has taught her how to keep the boys away!!

    Great writing about your critter adventures…you are so brave, your wife especially in my estimation!! We live in snake country too, tho’ 2 houses are between us and the “wilds” thankfully. The neighbor killed a good one unfortunately, but it was on his front porch and wriggling around so he could not get a good look at its head, so he erred on the side of caution!! I am in favor of that…we do not go looking for them, but if they are in “our space”, they made the wrong choice!! There are 5-6 poisonous types after all!!

  6. Thanks for the hearty laugh on Jan and the snake story..Congrats to Piper!

  7. Nick,


  8. Rob,

    Didn’t mention it, but I tried it in front of the fan. The moisture just seemed to come from one spot, and was more concentrated, almost too wet.

    Behind the fan seems to chop it up more, and the cooling comes from the whole diameter of the fan.

  9. You say wuss like it’s a bad thing, Greg????

  10. Are you on myoldRV forum? Your snake story would be a good one for the conversation on humorous stories!

    Good one.

  11. Susan,

    I am on as ChaosAgent.

    I’ll try to get it posted.



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