On the Road Again, again . . .

Well, we did move pretty much on schedule, early on Wednesday, the 16th. Ryan, the Marathon safety guy came by around 7:30pm Tuesday night and told us we could shut down the gate and start getting packed up. He said we probably needed to head out the next morning about 6am to be at the new gate to wave the trucks in as they arrived at the new site, and said the first ones would probably arrive around 8.

Yeah, right!

Mark, our Gate Guard Services support guy, showed up a little before 6, and by 6:15, we were on our way. I was driving the rig, Jan was following in the truck, and Mark was towing our generator/water trailer.

Since I had already scouted out the location last Saturday, we had no problems making the 45 mile trip and finding our site. We arrived about 7:30am, and by 8:30 the canopy was up, the cell phone booster was operating, and we were ready to go. We’re now located about 8 miles south of Charlotte, TX, southwest of Pleasanton, and west of I-37.

Charlotte Gate 1

Of course, the first truck didn’t show up until after 10 in the morning, so what in the heck was the 6am thing all about. Right now we’re just waving people in, and not having to take sign-in info, so that’s nice.

We had hoped to get a couple of full days off while the drill rig was being set up at the new site, but because this new location is on a game ranch the gate has to be manned (or womanned in Jan’s case) at all times so that the emus and other animals don’t escape. But we did get time enough off to drive into Pleasanton, about 20 miles away to have dinner at Chili’s, so I guess that will have to do for a while.

Charlotte Gate 2

One thing that’s always amazing to watch is the big trucks hauling in the parts of the drill rig. Some of these pieces are twice the size of our RV and probably weigh a heck of a lot more. Yet here they come bouncing down the back roads, in a cloud of dust and hearty ‘Hi-O …

No, wait. That’s something else.

Charlotte Gate 3

Anyway, someone told me the other day that H&P, the company that owns the drilling rig, is taking delivery of 2 new rigs a month and still can’t keep up with the demand. In addition the GAO (Government Accounting Office) just announced last week that the amount of oil found in the area where Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah come together is greater than all the proven reserves in the rest of the world combined.

So much for Peak Oil.

Now that we’re settled in here, I’ll get back on my every other day posting schedule.


“The United States symbolises the worst ideologies in the world: growth and freedom.” – Finnish writer Pentti Linkola



15 Responses

  1. Love your pics. What kind of camera do you use?

  2. A lot of hot air and pure ignorance has been written about the impending oil crisis, I have always believed that Wall Street was responsible for the constant upward price of fuel. Looks like driving is going to be less expensive for decades to come.

  3. Quite an adventure you two are having out there. The post brought up some memories for me. My dad worked for H&P for many years. First in exploration and production out in West Texas, and later at a subsidiary called Natural Gas Odorizing in Baytown. Hadn’t seen anything about the company in years.

  4. Wow! That’s amazing about the amount of oil in those reserves! And yeah, I want to know what kind of camera you are using, too! 🙂 Please…. 🙂

  5. Howdy Jan & Greg,
    Glad y’all got moved and set up.. A dinner trip to Pleasanton,GREAT!!
    We don’t see as many rigs in our country anymore, but when we go somewhere at night we see them lit up!!! Sitting between those gates you’re agonna eat a lot of dust!!! That’s the trouble with a new road..
    Good coordinates for finding y’all!!! Have fun!!!

  6. Very interesting information about the oil we have in this part of our beautiful country. Maybe we will see some relief from the high gas/fuel prices one day?

  7. I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 with a 18X optical lens and a 4X digital zoom.

    I got it in 2009 and it’s proved to be a real workhorse. There are newer versions out with even better lens, and I keep waiting for mine to die so I can get another one.

    But it just keeps going.

    Terry Russell has one of the newer ones and she really likes it.

  8. George,

    I certainly hope it keeps going down.

    The price of diesel around here has dropped about 30 cents a gallon in the last month.

  9. Rob,

    From the look of things H&P is still going strong. I’ve heard they have drilling jobs booked for the next 2-3 years.

  10. Jeannie,

    It’s a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 and it’s about 3 years old.

    The newer ones are even better. I’m just too cheap to buy one until this one dies.

    AND it just won’t die.

  11. Butterbean,

    They do a pretty good job of keeping the road in front of us watered down so the dust problem isn’t as bad as it could be.

  12. I miss your DAILY blogs!

  13. Laughed out loud at your “hi-o” comment. Very funny.

  14. Mike,

    Thanks. Finally, someone that actually gets my humor.

    Could I get you to have a word with my wife?

  15. Char,

    I will once we get back on the road in August, but right now, working 12 hour shifts, getting some sleep and having meals, I’m doing good to do a blog every other day.

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