All Landon, All the Time . . .

Well, it finally happened.

Landon’s first haircut.

And as much as Brandi probably hated to do it, it was just about time since he turned 21 months on this Sunday the 20th.

Landon First Haircut 1  It was getting a little long and curly there.


They never had barber chairs like this when I was a kid.

Landon First Haircut 4 

Landon First Haircut 8


Not too sure about those clippers buzzing around his ears.

Landon First Haircut 9


Ahh! That’s better.

Landon First Haircut 10


Monkey see, monkey do. The monkey’s name is Eek-Eek! because that’s what Landon said his name was.  A while back he had learned to say a bunch of animal sounds, and Eek-Eek! was the sound he said a monkey makes.

So when Lowell brought the toy home from a business trip, Landon immediately named him Eek-Eek! and takes him everywhere.

Landon First Haircut 12


Finally headed home.

Landon First Haircut 13 

It looks like Landon first haircut went a lot better than our son’s first one. Chris, who just turned 44 on Saturday, acted like they were cutting fingers and not just haircut. in fact, he pitched such a fit, that after it was all over, we were politely asked to never bring him back.

Sunday morning at Starbucks.

Sunday Morning at Starbucks 


Landon and Daddy Lowell

Landon and Lowell


They started drilling yesterday (Saturday) and seem to be making good progress. They were at 800 feet by midnight and were at 2800 feet by midnight Sunday.

It looks like we might be here a little longer than the normal 2 to 3 weeks this time. They apparently will be doing a lot of sampling on this well so it’s scheduled for 40 days, which will take us to around the end of June. But of course, as always, things could slip.

So far this gate seems to be a little busier than our last gate, but that may just be because we are here for the startup.


Thought for the Day:

“To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven. The same key opens the gates of hell. So it is with science.” – Richard P. Feynman



2 Responses

  1. Howdy Jan & Greg,
    Isn’t our baby growing up, TOO FAST?? He is so good and grins,like
    his daddy!! I know, Brandi, but just wait until he hits about 11-13 and
    won’t GET A HAIRCUT!! I hope you ‘saved’ the clippings!! That monkey is toooo much!! A haircut, a monkey and a sucker, what more could 2 year-old want!!! Thank you, for a gladness of the heart this morning, Brandi !!! LOVED THE PICS AND LOVE THE KID!!!

    We’re still trying to find someone to feed and watch the place for us..

    Oh, by the way we have a BEAUTIFUL NEW ADDITION TO THE RANCH FAMILY, a little light-sorrel, with a white-star face, light colored tail & mane ?filly?, we hope.. It runs so fast we can’t tell(3 days old), named it SolarStar… Should have named it ShootingStar!!!! If it’s a horse colt(boy) we may change it!!!

  2. Butterbean,

    I don’t know if Brandi saved the clippings or not, but I won’t be surprised.

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