Yea, Piper!

Or Up Close and Personal!

First up, congratulations to our granddaughter Piper who graduates from high school next month. Our son Chris called yesterday to let us know that Piper had been awarded a merit four year full scholarship to the University of Houston, one of only four given out every year.

Separately, she earlier had received a $2000 a year grant.

Way to go, Piper!


Well, after 12 days in the wilderness, we’re back in civilization.

Kind of.

The one main problem with where our gate was, was the fact that we had no cell phone or Internet service. But after days of trying, I finally found a solution.

I bought a Wilson DB 65 Pro amplifier and antenna, and then put the antenna on top of a 30 foot pole mounted to the ladder on our RV. And lo and behold, we had cell and Internet service.

Ten minutes later we got our first call from the outside world. It was the Gate Guard Services office telling us to get packed up because we were moving to a new gate.

So now we had to take everything down and get packed up.

Finally we pulled out about 2:50 for the 8 mile trip on the dirt road from Hell. This road is so bad we can only do about 5 mph in the rig. So it only took us about an hour and ten minutes to go the 8 miles. But once on the highway we made good time.

We pulled into our new location a little after 6 pm and got set up. Or rather I set up and Jan was already running the gate.

Marathon Gate 1

And unlike our other gate where the drilling rig was 3 miles away, here we’re up close and personal.

And boy is it windy here. But we do have cell and Internet, so that’s a plus.

I’ll have more later with pictures from our old gate and our new one.

Thanks to everyone for your comments and concerns when we kind of disappeared for a while. Hopefully I’ll be able to post more regularly now.


Thought for the Day:

Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks. – Doug Larson



12 Responses

  1. Good to have you “back”. So enjoy reading about your adventures and your comments about this new venture you are having.

  2. First, congratulations to Piper. That is a very distinguished achievement. I am sure she will do well at the University and make the family proud.

    Next about the company that employs you. How did they plan to give you the news that you were being moved had you not gone to a great deal of trouble and some expense to get phone and internet service?

    But it is good to have you back in the In Box. I miss your daily communiques. .

  3. How long were you at the other place. Seemed like only a few weeks. But when you are disconeccted to the outside world seemed like 2 months!

  4. Far cry from the old days in the patch where on an exploration crew we would call into the office every Monday morning to give them an update, well, unless we couldn’t get out on our old SSB radio, then we might be a few days late till we got back on a ridge or something. Good to see you are back in the cell covered world though.

  5. so glad you found a way! i have been wondering about my poor website. Will you have news for me soon? Hope so
    On a sad note, My sweet Mom died today. She is no longer suffering but we will miss her so.
    congrats to Piper! hugs chris and charles

  6. We are so proud of Piper!
    It’s good to have you back in communication.

  7. Hi Greg
    We are gate guarding also. Right now using the rigs wifi after getting password from the safety man. Could you give me more specific part numbers for the antenna and amplifier you bought.
    Is this the same one?
    Thanks for the help
    Jim Mossman

  8. We were getting worried about you two. Bit you are proud Grandparents. Stay safe.

  9. Greg
    Guess me first reply did not go thru. Can you give me more info on the antenna and booster that you got. Part numbers maybe and who from.
    We are also gate guarding and are currently using the wifi from the rig after getting the password from the safety man.

  10. Sure missed you. Glad you’re back. Thumbs up for Piper. See you this Fall.

  11. Welcome back to Cyberworld! 🙂 we missed you, too! A big congrats to Piper..that’s awesome and well deserved, I’m sure.

  12. Welcome back. Congrats to Piper (our granddaughter also rec’d a 4 year scholarship & will be going to NAU (Flagstaff) so we’re proud grandparents too). Missed reading your blog so will be anxious to see pics and ‘new’ tales to tell.

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