Out In The Middle Of Nowhere!

Well, we’re parked at our gate out in the middle of nowhere.

No Internet.

No cell phone.

Fun, fun, fun.

Will post a full blog tomorrow.


14 Responses

  1. Well. This is going to be very interesting.

  2. So how did you post this and how will you post?

  3. This will be interesting to see HOW you resolve a NO INTERNET, NO CELL service situation. I could handle a day or so, but MONTHS? I dunno ’bout that!

    Am very interested in hearing about your gate guarding project. I had heard about it a few years back, but there wasn’t as much info about the good, bad & ugly as there seems to be nowadays. Am sure you will tell us ALL about it 😀

    And … would love to know what program you use for your Where We’ve Been colorful map on your WP blog.

  4. Satellite, here we come?

  5. That is my biggest concern if we do gate guarding that we won’t have cell and/or internet and being totally isolated – I would not do well with that. Hope something gets figured out for you.

  6. Fun Fun Fun is right. We used to be a lot more secure and didn’t need to be in contact with someone all the time. I would love to go a whole day with out any contact with anyone. ENJOY!!!

  7. I believe George said it all

  8. Lots of interest here on how this is going to go. We want to know how you posted and how you are going to do a full blog, too!

  9. Greg called me earlier and we had a very bad connection, but he said he had to drive about 35 miles to get a signal.

  10. They are somewhere near Fowlerton

  11. Hey, welcome to gate guarding! Where did y’all end up?

  12. Does Gate Guarding pay well? Would seem to me to have to go out into the middle of nowhere so far from civilization would require a heck of a paycheck.

  13. Scorpions eat spiders, so if you keep your rig spider free you won’t attract the scorpions. But just on the safe side, always wear slippers when you get out of bed in the middle of the night. But put those slippers up on a shelf, and check your shoes before putting them on…… Have fun and keep blogging!

  14. Really interested in how you will survive being cut off from civilization for so long. What will Nick do? Hope the pay and bennies for 2 people for 24/7 work is better than what I have found. Will be interested in all your insights.

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