It’s Alive . . . It’s Alive . . .

We’ve really lucked on the weather here in Whitsett the last couple of days. When we got here Thursday afternoon it was about 98 degrees, but yesterday and today, it was in the mid-80’s with a lot of clouds, made it very comfortable.

Landon is pretty much back to his old self

Landon at the Mall

For lunch, Jan fixed us leftovers from last night’s visit to the Magic Time Machine up in San Antonio. Then after lunch I went outside to talk to Terry, the mechanic here. I wanted to find out where we took our garage. I could see he was building out the generator and sewer trailers, like this one below.

Gate Guard Lot 8

I said I was surprised to see him working on the weekend. He laughed and said he was work 7 days a week to keep up with the demand, and said he’d had two days off in the last month.

Certainly bodes well for the gate guard business

I was able to bring my Samsung Color Laser Printer back from the dead this afternoon.

It had been feeling depressed and jumped to its . . . well, actually, I hit a bad bump pulling into the Gate Guard Services lot on Thursday afternoon and it fell off the computer desk, ending up in about 8 different pieces.

So finally this afternoon I decided to take a shot on putting back together and seeing if I could get it working again.

I finally got it back in one piece and powered it up. And power up it did, which was something. But it would not initialize and give me the green light. I just had a flashing red one. But before I gave up I decided to take it back apart even more and see what I could find.

And after few minutes I found a connector that had pulled apart. Plugging it in and putting everything back together, I turned it on, and happily got a green light. And pressing the button gave me a test page.

It’s Alive . . . It’s Alive . . .

At this point I decided to reward my self with a nice nap. I also justified it by figuring I was just resting up for our upcoming gate guarding.

Yeah, right!

About 5:30 Jan and I headed about 25 miles north back to Pleasanton, where we planned to eat dinner and pick up a few things at the HEB. We had seen a whole lot of Bill Miller BBQ places in this area, and wanted to check them out. Well, based on us, it’s hard to see how they have so many locations.

Jan’s Chopped Beef Sandwich was so finely chopped it was like mush, and mixed with a pretty tasteless sauce.

I had the Rib and Sausage Combo Plate with potato salad, cole slaw, and pinto beans. The sausage was good, but they probably didn’t make it. The ribs were dry smoked, and although, very meaty, were very dry. And even dunking them in the sauce didn’t help things.

And the sauce itself was pretty tasteless, just kind of ‘tomatoey’, with absolutely nothing spicy at all.

The potato salad and cole slaw were pretty generic, but the pinto beans were pretty good. Or maybe they were only so-so, but stood out next to the bland food surrounding it. It’s hard to say.

But to make the meal even worse . . . they charge 50 cents for iced tea refills. WTH?

All in all, a very disappointing meal.

Leaving the restaurant we drove across the street to the HEB. Our first stop was the gas station to fill up our truck. Gas was $3.75, about 14 cents a gallon cheaper than the Shell station down in Whitsett. Then after grabbing some cat food and frozen pizzas, we headed back to the GGS lot for the night.

Our daughter Brandi called this afternoon saying Landon was doing fine, and they were taking him to get his first haircut this afternoon.

We were supposed to get pictures, but haven’t seen any yet (hint, hint). Hopefully we’ll see some soon. (hint, hint).

Not sure what we’re going to do tomorrow. Jan may fixed something, or we may go out for dinner. We’ll see.


Thought for the Day:

Just remember that after the chess game is over, the King and the pawn both end up in the same box.



8 Responses

  1. Go out for dinner while you still can. Once you start gate guarding you’ll only see each other in passing as one goes to bed when the other gets up. From what I’ve read you won’t actually get to do anything together for those, I believe you said five?, months.

  2. After reading how you love to be with people, eat out and work with your customers, I am with Linda Sand on doing gate duty. If there were two couples we might consider, but we like to move around too, too much. What about the grandson? Hope you enjoy the time, but it really does not seem to fit you. I know it is not my business, and I have not walked in your shoes, so I hope you enjioy it.

  3. I am glad I read your review on Millers BBQ. When we were in Texas we saw several and the parking lots were always full, even at lunch time. We never had the time to stop and check em out thank god, being BBQ fans and running our own smoker, we always have an eye out for BBQ. So thanks for the warning. Next time we are in TX we will give em a wide berth.

    On that note Have you been to Franklins BBQ in Austin? Rated numero uno for Texas BBQ. Lineups start 10am and food is served starting at 11. We got there at 9:30am with about 50 people in front of us, and sat down to eat at 1pm. We also bought about 2 lbs of ribs and brisket to take home and put in the freezer for a rainy day. They do a oak wood dry smoke, apparently there is no hickory in Texas, then wrap in foil with some secret sauce for the last hour for a really tender fall off the bone rib and buttery brisket. Really good food, really different BBQ flavor than what we are used to.

    Good luck with the gate keeping gig. Take lots of books with you.
    Is that a big noisy generator I see on the back of that trailer? Hmmmm…. 5 months…yikes.

  4. There are two different Millers BBQ in Texas. Try BILL MILLERS BBQ, Bob Millers may not be very good, but Bill Millers will be a whole lot better!

  5. Linda,

    Isn’t that what ‘quickies’ are for?

  6. Carol,

    We like people, but no trouble being alone for weeks at a time.

    We’ve been at TT parks out in the woods where we didn’t leave the park for two weeks and didn’t see another person.

    Jan is a great cook and is looking forward to fixing our meals.

    We’ll still Skype with Landon just like when we’re on the road for 10 months.

    We figure we can do anything for 5 months. We spent 5 months workcamping in Fairbanks, AK, and five months in Houston after Landon was born.

    We’re not under any contract and can leave at any time.

    For us, it’s something new to do.

  7. Chris and Caron,

    Haven’t been to Franklin’s but I’ve heard about it.

    They do park the generator as far away as your cord will reach.

    I know we can’t hear our coach generator at the front of the rig when we’re back in the bedroom, so hopefully it won’t bother us.

  8. Sorry. Actually I meant Bill Miller’s.

    Bob was a typo. I’ve corrected the blog post now.

    I realized other locations might be better, but the one in Pleasanton just wasn’t very good.

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