A Little Bad News . . .

This morning we had a late breakfast and called it lunch.

It’s Thursday and it’s Turkey and Dressing Day at Cracker Barrel and Jan needed her cornbread dressing fix. Remember, If it ain’t cornbread, it ain’t dressing.

Our cats, Mister and Emma have really taken to hotel life. They normally avoid each other, but they’re OK sharing the king size bed. Don’t know what they’re going to think going back to the rig tomorrow.

Mister and Emma at Hotel

Later I went by Rush Truck Service to check in on the rig. They still found no coolant in the oil after yesterday’s test drive and still have no idea how it got there in the first place. They also did another pressure test on the engine while it was hot and found no further coolant leakage anywhere.

The system stayed pressurized without losing any coolant. So we’re back to square one on this problem. I’ll just have to keep a close eye on it for a while. They were working getting the exhaust manifold gasket replaced, and said they still expected to have the rig ready to go by 4:30 this afternoon.

But then about 3pm Clayton called with a little bit of bad news. The exhaust manifold is cracked and will need to be replaced. They will have the new manifold in tomorrow morning and expect to be done about noon. We’ll see.

About 4:30 we headed back to Cha Chi’s for a repeat of last night’s delicious meal. I again had a 3 item combo plate, but this time substituted a chicken flauta for the tamale. Just as good as like night. Even the rice and beans are good. Especially the beans. They’re the lumpy kind of refried beans, with whole beans mixed in.

Cha Chi's 1 adfd

Jan had a repeat of last night’s plate with a chile relleno and a soft beef taco.

Cha Chi's 2

Cha Chi’s is definitely on our list when we come back to Las Cruces next year.

Heading home, we stopped off at the Wal-Mart right next door to the hotel for a few things before getting back to the room for the night.

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be on the road to Balmorhea, TX.

Mega Millions is up to $540 Million Dollars!


Thought for the Day:

It doesn’t matter how often a married man changes jobs, he always has the same boss.



6 Responses

  1. Last Dec we were getting the check engine flashing at us intermittently, and we took it into Sacramento Truck Freightliner on Dec 22 at 3pm.
    They have an Oasis division there. They knew us because we were in there a month before to have some work done. They checked it right away and it Turns out the code indicated a bad variable vane turbo charger and they wanted to replace it. It was under warranty thank heavens. $5000..It was also Dec 22. I dreaded having to spend xmas in the holiday inn, but Cummins over-nighted the unit from Indiana and they had it installed and tested by the 4pm Dec 23…amazing….INCREDIBLE!!!
    We spent the night there and headed out the next morning for our xmas destination.

    Hope your engine experience turns out just as well…except for the warranty thing…hehe.

  2. Oh the joys of waiting on a service department. The big thing is to get as many small things fixed when they are small; so it’s good they found the manifold.

    However, our past experience with diesel shops has been that when I look at a clock I don’t see numbers, just $$$$.

  3. Chris and Caron, We bought our 1999 American Eagle the end of 2007 with 62511 miles on it. I looked into an extended warranty at that time, but decided not to buy due to the cost and fuzzy details on what would actually be covered andunder what circumstances. We had a $1700 repair in 2008 due to the engine cooling fan coming apart and damaging the radiator. Today’s repair will also be about $1700, so based on the costs of extendedwarranty I was given, we are stillway aheadby paying for our own repairs the last 5 years. So far.

    Thanks for reading our blog. Greg

  4. Peter, I had already planned on having them look at the exhaust system anyway, due to what I thought was the Pac Brake not working right, so it all worked out. Rush Truck Service has really taken good care of us.

  5. Howdy Greg,
    I SURE AM GLAD I’M WRONG !!!!!! BUT WHERE’S THE COOLANT GETTING IN THE OIL??? Thatz the kicker!! You know Nick plead the 5th, maybe we ought to ‘hang’ him like they used to in the OLD WEST
    JUST TIGHT ENUFF BUT not enuff to kill him and see if he’ll confess!!
    No, we’d have to fight Ms Terry and even in her current shape I think she’d whup us 2 fat fellers!!!
    Seems like somebody in ‘blogland’ would have had this type problem before and commented on here… Mysterious things happen in Mew
    Nexico and you’re not that far from Roswell!!!!! OOOOOOOOO!!!
    Sure do hope the days get better for y’all.. Come on by!!!

    pms: new landline 325 636-4417

  6. We drove that stretch of I-10 in Aug 2011 and I remember a lot of tough hill climbs and my cooling fan was actually running. (Easier to notice with a front engine diesel). Coming east out of Benson was the first long one that we chugged upwards forever. Maybe keep in mind to check it after a really tough stretch to see if the problem happens under really heavy loads.

    But my heart sank when seeing your post title… I’m breathing again.

    @ Chris – we also had our variable geometry turbo replaced in May 2011 and the Cummins team in WVa were awesome. Our symptom was a STOP engine light, so be thankful you could limp in…

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