Two More Down . . .

+ one.

When I got up about 10 this morning I found two more mice in my traps. But they’re getting smaller, so maybe I’m working my way thru the herd.

About 10:30 our friend (and GMAC Insurance Agent) called with a computer problem. This was the first day of the big Good Sam RV Rally up in Phoenix and she was having a problem with printing from their 2nd computer. Luckily I was able to get her problem fixed over the phone and get her going again.

With Miss Terry still under the weather, Nick and I headed out a little after 1pm to get gas, make an Ace Hardware run, and then a stop at Fry’s Market for some groceries, and some Mega-Millions lottery tickets for tomorrow night’s $290 million dollar drawing. (crossing my fingers . . . and toes, and eyes . . . and . . . )

Getting back to the rig, I decided to take a nap before we headed out for supper.

We picked up our friend’s Al & Adrienne at their home in Voyager RV Resort and headed over to the Silver Saddle Steakhouse for dinner. This will be our last get-together for a while until maybe later this year.


Silver Saddle has been voted the Best Steakhouse in Tucson a number of times, and after eating there again, it’s easy to see why.

You can watch your steak being flame broiled over the open-pit mesquite grill that sits off to the side of the dining room. The steaks come out perfectly done, with that slightly-burnt crispy edge that meat get when its cooked over an open fire. Really, really good.

Silver Saddle Grill

We’ve known Al and Adrienne since we met in Fairbanks, AK in 2008, and have been good friends ever since.

Al & Adrienne at Silver Saddle

When we got back to the rig, we found an email from our daughter Brandi showing our grandson Landon helping daddy mow the grass. Very cute.

When I checked my mouse trapline about 9pm I found a third mouse in my traps. I can’t believe all these have been living in our rig. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe they’re coming in from the outside.

I think I’ll put a trap out in our water bay tonight, since it’s the only place they could be getting in the rig.

We’ll see.


Thought for the Day:

All marriages are happy. It’s the living together afterwards that causes the problems.



4 Responses

  1. Maybe you should let Landon go on mouse patrol. I bet he could wipe those critters out in no time at all.

  2. Well, I guess he could just ‘mow’em’ down.

  3. I was starting to think that also, perhaps you are drawing them in from outside with all those yummy peanut butter aromas floating around.

  4. Well, the trap I set out in the water bay last night was undisturbed this morning.

    In fact I didn’t catch anything last night.

    Maybe I’m just running out of mousies.

    I hope!

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