It’s SNOWING! Well, kind of . . .


One mousy down, ??? to go

According to the weather radar, it was snowing all around us today, and even right above us. But since it was only in the mid-40’s, it never reached the ground here.

About noon Jan and I headed out for lunch and a hardware store run. Our first choice for lunch was Chuy’s, a few miles north of here on Houghton Rd, but it turned out to be out of business. I’d swear I saw cars there a few days ago.

So our second choice was a nearby Brueggar’s Bagels. We first ate at a Brueggar’s up in Fairbanks, AK in 2008, and later, several others around the country. They have great soup and sandwiches, and are well worth a try.

After lunch we made a spur-of-the-moment trip to the Fry’s right across the parking lot for a few things, then it was down the road to Ace Hardware.

I was looking for two things . . . a water hose quick connect set, and mouse traps. Yes, we have a mouse, or maybe mice, I don’t know yet.

Jan had noticed holes in a couple of chip bags, but since one of our cats has been known to nibble on bread bags, etc., she got the blame (the cat, not Jan). But after checking the bottom of the lower slide-out pantry, we found holes in cracker boxes that had not been out of the cabinet, and after removing the basket and looking at the bottom of the cabinet, we found droppings. Rut, Roh.

Coming back into the fairgrounds, we pulled in behind Tom and Barb Westerfield and their RV, as they pulled in to register at the fairground’s office. Then a few minutes later they were parked two spaces down from us, getting set up.

Getting back to our rig, I baited two of the four traps I bought with peanut butter, placed them in cabinet and closed the door. All I had to do now was wait for the loud ‘snap’.

About 5:30 Jan and I headed out to meet Nick, Terry, and cousin Bev, along with Tom and Barb, at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We had our usual great meal, along with a lot of fun and conversation.

Jan and I got home a little before 8pm and found there had apparently been a loud ‘snap’ while we were gone, and a dead mousy was in one of the traps. That’s one.

After disposing of the mousy corpse, I reset the trap and put down the other two in the open wall space behind the cabinet. We’ll see what we find tomorrow morning.

The Weather Channel says it’s supposed to go down to 33 tonight, but since it’s already 35 here at midnight, I think it might get colder. We’ll see.



Thought for the Day:

Alaska: Step off the bus and into the food chain.



6 Responses

  1. I’m ashamed to tell you that I throw away trap and all. . .I know it’s sad. . .but I just hate the thought of having to touch. . .yuck!

    Good luck,

  2. I guess I’m too cheap to throw away the traps.

    I put the trap and its occupant into a Wal-Mart bag, and while holding it by the non-occupant end, pull the spring back, dropping the mousy loose, and into the bag.

    Then the bag goes outside into the trash.

    Rearm the trap with peanut butter and it’s back in service.

  3. I know. . .my Dad would be so upset with me if he knew. . .he’s from the depression era. . .don’t throw away anything!

  4. Janice,

    Well, I don’t throw anything away because I’m just cheap.

  5. We checked into the Northgate RV Travel Park yesterday and I saw the Gypsy Journal on the counter. I asked where he (Wes) had gotten it. He said my cousin Greg. I told him we ready your blog all the time. So we are spending a week here visiting family.

  6. Great!

    Say ‘Hi’ to Wes and the family for us.

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