A Nice, Cold, Dreary, Rainy Day . . .

And windy, very windy.

I finally got up about 6:30am to let in our bedroom window awnings, not because of possible wind damage, but just because they were so noisy that it was hard to sleep.

And then later in the morning the rain part of the incoming cold front came thru. Never really hard, but pretty steady for long periods. And as far as the cold part, it never got out the 40’s all day.

But it was a perfect day to stay bundled up at home, cuddled up with hot coffee warming our insides and the floor heaters keeping us warm outside. The perfect day to just curl up with a good book.

I did gather up enough energy to install Jan’s new LED reading lamp over the sofa. The old one used an incandescent blub that Jan said was too hot sometimes.

LED Spotlight

I had looked for a CFL or LED bulb to fit the old lamp, but since it used a non-standard ‘intermediate’ base, I was never able to find one that would fit.

But while we were at Lowe’s yesterday I came across the one pictured above. It’s LED so it stays cool and is a little brighter than her old one, so she really likes the new one.

For lunch Jan fixed sandwiches and chips with muffi9ns for dessert while we listened to the rain hitting the top of the coach. And the steady rain coming down made it a good afternoon for a nap. (Really, is there a bad afternoon?)

Jan fixed us dinner about 6pm, warming up our leftovers from Luckie’s Thai a few nights ago, and if anything, it was even better than originally.

And that pretty much rounded out what turned out to be a very nice day.


He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don’t let that fool you. He really is an idiot. — Groucho Marx



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