Big Plans . . .

I had big plans for a bunch of stuff I wanted to work on today – check out the toad tail light feed from the rig, clean the rig windshield, run a separate electric cable to be able to run both AC’s on 30 amps, etc.

But what I got done was nothing. Between my inherent laziness and still having a lot of on and off pain in my foot, I pretty much vegged out all day. Jan and I caught up on 5 hours of ‘Justified’ and then worked our way down thru a lot of other programs we’d recorded during the rally and not looked at yet. I even got in a short, but nice nap during the afternoon

NIck and Terry had been doing doctor stuff most of the day, but then called about 4:30 to meet them for dinner, so we decided to try Luckie’s Thai, a Thai – Chinese restaurant pretty close to the fairgrounds.

Checking on Urbanspoon, Luckie’s Thai had uniformly good reviews, but arriving at the restaurant made Jan and I think twice. It was just a nondescript little store in a strip mall near the Fry’s Market and only had about 10 tables.

But as Jan and I waited inside, we saw they had a bustling takeout business, always a good sign.

After Nick and Terry, and Nick’s cousin Bev showed up, we placed our orders, and were very pleasantly surprised when our food started coming out.

It was very, very good. Hot and Sour Soup, Special Fried Rice, and Garlic Chicken, all really good. We all decided right then we would be back.

After our delicious meal, Nick and Terry took Bev home, while Jan and I picked up some things from the Fry’s next door before heading home for the night.

Maybe I’ll be less lazy tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes.


Thought for the Day:

"The fastest way to get a bad law repealed is to make sure it’s strictly enforced." – Abraham Lincoln



2 Responses

  1. Greg, did you have that foot x-rayed? A friend of mine twisted his foot and had pain for a few days. Finally decided to get an x-ray and found out there was a small broken bone in the foot that required a cast. Hope that’s not your case but you may want to be safe.

  2. Everyone needs one of those days sometimes. . .good for you!


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