The Blog is Back–Redux . . .

As I said, our blog suddenly reappeared about 11am this morning. Never heard anything from WordPress about what I had supposedly done, or what the problem was.

I figure someone just pushed the wrong button.

Anyway, about 12:30 I went next door to Nick and Terry’s rig to work on their Splendide Washer/Dryer while Nick is at the doctor. The dryer part had quit working a while back, but because of traveling and then the Yuma rally, I hadn’t had a chance until now to take a look at it.

And, lucky for me, their Splendide was a lot easier to get it out where I could work on it thsn ours was last December. It only took about 30 minutes to get the washer out and the top open.

I had found the Splendide Service Manual awhile back so I started going over the schematic tracing out the circuit. After confirming the master fusible link was good, I check the wires going in and out of the dryer timer switch. and everything looked good there.

My next step was to move upstream and check out how the power feeds into the timer. At this point I put in a call to Westland Sales up in Oregon to double check my reading of the circuit. And as it turns out, it was the door switch as I thought.

Splendide Door Switch

Darrell, the tech at Westland, said he seen switches with the wires burnt off. And he was right.

After I pulled the switch out of the edge of the door, I found the bottom connector on the switch melted and the wire connector had fallen off.

Problem found.

I got back on the phone to Westland and got the new switch on the way to us here in Tucson. Darrell did say it was lucky we needed a part he had in stock. He said they don’t make the parts anymore, and he’s completely out of many of them, like the main control board and the water pump. So at some point we’ll no longer be able to repair these units economically.

After finishing up, the rest of the afternoon Jan and I just read and napped, and took it easy.

Then about 5:30 Nick called about dinner, so it was off to Golden Corral for their buffet. After a good meal and conversation we headed back to the rig about 7:30 to round out the day.

On another note, we’ve had nice weather since we’ve been here in Tucson,  that’s going to change in the next few days.

So far, it’s been in the low 80’s in the daytime, and mid 40’s a night, but starting Sunday we’ll move into mid 50’s and mid 30’s. Quite a change.


Thought for the Day:

"The right to be left alone is indeed the beginning of all freedoms." – U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas



4 Responses

  1. Splendide is about to undo years of good will by no longer carrying those parts. I guess some MBA told them they could earn more money by selling systems and not individual parts. Dang.

  2. George,

    The problem is they haven’t made that model since about 2003.

    There have been two new models since then, and at some point parts go away.

    I’ve had customer’s computers that were only 5-6 years old that I could no longer get parts for.

    Pretty much the way things are now.

  3. Sure glad to know that when mine dies you can revive it! My and Miss T’s rig are the same age.

  4. Chris,

    Well, they can be fixed as long as I can get parts.

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