Last Full Yuma Rally Day . . .

Today was the last full day of the 2012 Western Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma, AZ, and also the time for my last seminar of the rally called “10 Things Every RV’er Needs”. Running from 10:30 to 11:30, I guess it went well because we had people still hanging around asking questions up until noon when I had to go out front and man the front gate so Jan could attend a Pet First Aid seminar.

Then after Jan’s class was over, she came out to join me on the gate while I went back and brought us out hot dogs for lunch. When we got off at 2pm, we had planned to check out the Yuma Indoor Flea Market down the road, but decided to wait until Nick and Terry can go with us, probably on Saturday.

We spent the rest of the afternoon back at the coach, with Jan reading on her Kindle while I took a nap. Then about 5 pm we met up with Al and Adrienne and drove over to have dinner at Mi Rancho, another very good local Mexican restaurant that they had found.

This is Al and Adrienne’s first RV rally and they’re really excited with everything they’ve learned the last few days, so we spent the entire meal just talking RV’ing.

We finally got back to the fairgrounds a little before 7pm, just in time for the final round of door prizes, including a Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak, and a Kindle. Then, with everything over, people pitched in to put away all the tables and chairs, leaving just enough out for the final coffee and donuts get-together tomorrow morning before everyone starts heading.

As usual at a Nick and Terry rally, we all had a great time and are certainly looking forward to the next one.

Although Nick and Terry, probably not so much.


Thought for the Day:

Whether you can hear it or not, the universe is laughing behind your back.



One Response

  1. Had a good time at the GJ rally. Enjoyed your seminars very much got a lot of good information from them. Thanks for the utilities disc they are very useful. I have an older laptop that I am going to download the customer preview of windows 8. I am going to go to a local hotspot and get it.

    Take care and safe travels. I wish I had known about gate duty, you guys were busy enough.

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