Tuesday . . .

Sorry. No post today.

I had trouble finishing up the CD’s for my seminar tomorrow and ran out of time.


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  1. When your were parking RVs for the Rally, on Nick Russel’s Mar 5th blog, Early Bird Parking Day, there is a Class A with an extra large satalite dish on the roof, Do you have any information on why this dish is so large? My reason for asking is that I want to download Commodity Price Data in a RV, and that requires a larger dish than ordinary satallte TV dish size. Thaks for any help, there is no rush.

    Marc Nelson

  2. Marc,

    Most of these that I’ve seen are Internet dishes. They are bigger because they have to both receive and send data, not just receive it like a Dish or Direct TV dish.

    Don’t know anything about downloading Commodity Price Data by satellite. Is this from eSignal or something else?

    I know they now have a smartphone app to do some of this, but I don’t know what is required for sat access.

    Sorry I can’t help more.



  4. He’ll sleep when the rally is over. 🙂

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