Five Guys and Nose Skids . . .

Since parking and registration started at 8 am this morning, Jan and I were up at 7.


After wakeup coffee and muffins, Jan and I headed over to the main hall to get things started. She was selling pizza party tickets, and I would be parking RV’s again.

As it turns out, I really wasn’t that busy. We had maybe twenty more rigs all day, and never more than two at time, so I spent most of my time trying to find a shady spot to stay cool while I was waiting for a walkie-talkie call to come park someone.

About noon Jan and I met up and had some really good hot dogs / polish sausage dogs for lunch from the food truck that is here at the rally. They have a 9 year old daughter named Jessie who’s a great order taker and keeps the line moving.

We wrapped the parking up about 3 pm, and then about 3:30 Nick started off the festivities with the Welcome Get-together in the main hall, which then segued into the Ask the Experts panel that finished up a little after 5 pm.

For dinner, Jan and I, along with Al and Adrienne, and Tom and Barb, all drove over to Five Guys Burger and Fries. They had a really good Bacon Double Cheeseburger that’s hard to beat, and some of the best fries around.

Then at 7 we had our first door prize giveaway, consisting mostly of restaurant coupons so the winners will have time to use them before they leave on Friday.

Door Prize Meeting

We finished up about 7:30 and headed back to the rig for the night, just to start again tomorrow.

But at least no more parking.

One another note, Landon had a slight disagreement with his backyard plastic slide, and apparently did a header, complete with skid marks on his nose.

Landon Slide 2

Probably won’t be the last time he does something like this.


Thought for the Day:

Trust nobody and you’ll never be disappointed.



6 Responses

  1. Awww, poor little guy. Bet that hurt. Looks like he earned his shirt, I think it says “stunt master”?

  2. Howdy Jan & Greg,
    OHHHH, LANDON’S NOSE!! That hurts!!! He’s still got that smile on his face!!! He’s tuff!!! Did you see Dan Chance at Five Guys?? He LIVES THERE or would if Patty would go to work there!! Now, you’ve gootta get your seminars down pat and give’em!!
    Good luck and I’ll keep aggravating!!!

  3. Sandy,

    Looks like he had a little more ‘mastering’ to do.

  4. That kid is the best looking kid even if he did shave his nose! Loved hearing about the rally. We miss being there to see all of you!

  5. I remember Jesse from last year. She’s quite the go getter. Almost as busy as Landon. 🙂

  6. 5 Guys. What a great place. First time there I made the mistake of ordering a larger size of fires. I can barely finish the regular size of fries and they are sooooo good.

    Landon’s nose. Ouch. He still is cute.

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