Resting up before the Big Day . . .

We really took it easy this morning. Jan had an on again / off again / on again migraine so we just ate in for lunch and watched stuff we’d recorded on our DVR.

I worked some more on my seminars, nailing down exactly what I’m going to talk about, and what I’ll have on the handouts and the CD’s. But mostly I just play it by ear, kind of going by the questions people are asking.

I had hoped I might get phone calls from some of the last minute door prize stragglers, but no luck. Maybe tomorrow.

Nick had called a meeting at 3:30 for the parking crew so we could go over assignments. Many of them have done this before, so I expect things to come up to speed pretty quickly. Although tomorrow is Early Bird Arrival and Monday is actually the first day of the Rally, we always get the majority of the people coming in on Sunday, rather than Monday.

Jan and I will move our rig over to the parking crew staging area after dumping our tanks at the dump station. Then as soon as the Good Sam Rally people have pulled out, we’ll park over by the Vendor building where we’ll be until the rally is over next Friday.

At 1 pm we’ll start parking attendees, starting with handicapped and vendors first. And at the same time, Terry, along with Jan and a number of others, will start registering people as soon as they get parked.

As Nick says, it’s organized chaos, but we do get people parked pretty quickly once we get going.

After the meeting Nick and I drove around the fairgrounds checking out the area and deciding where we want to park some people with different requirements.

About 5 Nick and Terry, and Jan and I headed over to eat at EAT, our favorite local Chinese buffet, and one of our all time favorites anywhere. Afterwards we called it an early evening because tomorrow will be a long, long day.

But at least we’re not forecast to have rain, hail, a lightning storm, and high winds all in the same day like we had two years ago.


On another note, our daughter Brandi emailed us that she and her sister-in-law Sherry had stood in line for two hours at the grand opening of a new Bullritos in Friendswood, and had each won a year’s supply of their food, either a Bullrito, a Bullrito Bowl, or Bullrito Taco, once a week for a year.

Bullritos 1

Bullritos 2

Guess we know where they’ll be eating every week.


Thought for the Day:

"Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered…"-Thomas Paine. 1776



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