Dust Storms and Seminars . . .

This morning started out with hot coffee and high winds, with a lot of sand and dust tagging along.

Yuma Dust Storm 1

At times, it was hard to see Nick and Terry’s rig right in front of us.

Yuma Dust Storm 2

I spent some time working on my seminars for next week’s Gypsy Journal Rally. Nick’s talked me into doing 4 different ones this time.

The first two, “10 Things to Never Do with Your Computer”, and “Do’s and Don’ts of Computer Security”, I’ve done before, both here and in Celina, OH.

But this time I’m doing two more, “10 Things Every RV’er Needs”, and “Computer Q&A”.

The first is a demonstration of 10 things I think every RV’er should have for their safety and convenience. The second one came about because one of the most popular parts of my other two computer seminars is where the audience gets to ask questions about problems they may be having. So I decided to just do an entire seminar of questions and hopefully, answers.

At about 1pm I headed back over to the Good Sam’s Rally vendor area before making one last door prize pass.

Today was mostly going by and picking up prizes that were promised for today, i.e. Cracker Barrel, Westwind RV Resort, Big O Tires, Log Cabin Quilts, etc. I’ve still got a few more places that are supposed to call me this weekend, and that will wrap things up.

Then a little while after I got back to the rig, we headed out for dinner at Las Herraduras, the Mexican restaurant we’d eaten at on Wednesday, and this time the Gang of Six had become the Gang of Eight with the addition of Mike and Elaine Loscher, who had just arrived this afternoon.

Again we had another great meal at Las Herraduras. And Tom and Barb, and Mike and Elaine all agreed with us.

We’ll  be back.


Thought for the Day:

"I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through." – Jules Verne



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