If it’s Sunday, it must be Yuma . . .

Since we didn’t have far to go this morning, only a 116 mile trip to Yuma. we slept in until about 8 before getting ready to travel.

We pulled out of our site at Holt’s Shell RV Park about 10 am and traveled right across the parking lot to have a breakfast sandwich at the Subway. Then it was on the road to Yuma.

And after a pretty uneventful trip we pulled into the Yuma County Fairgrounds about 12:45 and got set up behind Nick and Terry at our usual spot at the horse barns.

Tomorrow I’ll hit the ground running and start hitting up local businesses for discount coupons and gift certificates to be used as door prizes for the upcoming Gypsy Journal Rally 

After finishing setting up, Jan and I read and interneted the rest of the afternoon, until about 5 pm, when Tom and Barb Westerfield, Nick and Terry, and Jan and I headed over to Famous Dave’s BBQ for dinner.

And, as usual, when we all get together, we spent more time talking than eating, and didn’t leave until after 7. It’s good to be back together with good friends.


Thought for the Day:

Life is all about your choices. Make good ones.



4 Responses

  1. Hi Greg
    Glad to see you made it ti Yuma safely. Nick mentioned today that you installed some WiFi dodad on his rig. Was that for local park wifi or for boosting his verizon signal….and what is it that you installed??…cause I want one too…I trust your research and judgement.

  2. awww. . .I know you guys are sad to leave Landon, but happy to be back on the road. . .enjoy.


  3. Chris and Caron,

    What I installed was this.


    It lets Nick’s desktop PC use park Wi-Fi if it is available.

    If you need a cell-phone signal booster. I’ve heard good things about this one.


    Thanks for reading our blog.


  4. Janice,

    Yeah, we miss the little guy already. and we’ve only been gone a little over a week.

    But we’ll start Skyping again soon.

    Travel safe.


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