Muffins and No Hot Wings . . .

Well, it rained all night and all morning again, but started to slack off in the early afternoon. At least tomorrow is supposed to be nice before we head out on Monday. Maybe Jan will finally have a chance to use that deer corn.

After our morning coffee and watching the rain pour down, Jan fixed us a lunch of our leftover Italian from Thursday night and we watched some more rain.

Then about 1 pm Jan and I drove over to Gina’s where Jan and Gina spent the afternoon making wonderful muffins and cupcakes, cranberry, lemon, lemon poppy seed, crystalized ginger, almonds, etc. They made a bunch so we’ll have some to freeze and take with us. I got to sample half of one (that’s all that Jan would share) and they were delicious

While they were busy in the kitchen, I spent the afternoon cleaning out and speeding up Gina’s computer. Then about 5 pm we headed over to Wimberley to have dinner at the Cypress Creek Café.

Cypress Creek Cafe

In the past when we’ve eaten here, I’ve always had the Devil’s Breath Hot Wings, made with Ghost Chilies.

Cypress Creek Menu 2

And as the menu says, they make you sign a waiver before you can order them. But in this case, “Been there, done that”.

So I decided to try the other dish the Cypress Creek Café is know for – their Chicken Fried Steak and Chicken Fried Chicken. And I’m glad I tried it.

Really, really good.Cypress Creek Cafe CFC

The batter they use is great, really crispy and crunchy. A very, very good Chicken Fried Chicken.

After that great dinner,  we drove back to Gina’s for while before heading back to the rig for the night.


Thought for the Day:

Without justice, what else is the State but a great band of robbers? – St. Augustine



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