As The Days Dwindle Down . . .

We’re starting to wrap things up here with our departure set for Thursday morning.

But now we’re on our Memorial Goodbye Dinner Tour with friends and family. We kicked it off last night with dinner at King Food with all the kids.

Well, it was supposed to be all the kids, but our  daughter Brandi called in the afternoon to say she wouldn’t be there because she was feeling bad and was just going home.

Turns out the “feeling bad” caused her to end up in the emergency room at 4 am trying to pass a kidney stone.


She’s back at home and feeling a little better, but will be home for the next several days.

Just as I was getting ready to leave the coach this morning to wrap things up with one client, another one called me and said their Internet was down and they couldn’t process credit cards. So after asking a few questions I decided to head there first.

Getting there I found the problem was that the 8 Port Switch that distributes the Internet to all the computers in the office had died, so it was off to Fry’s Electronics to pick up a new one.

Back at the client’s I installed the new switch and everything was back up and running again. So then it was off to the original client that I was supposed to finish up with.

They had two remaining problems. They wanted to have their Ouickbooks set up for multi-user to share the database, and their Xerox ColorCube printer would not print double-sided, even when you told it to.

The Quickbooks problem just needed the right folders shared, which can sometimes be tricky in Win 7, but this time went pretty fast. But the printer problem took a little more work.

Finally ended up downloading the manual from the Xerox website and found the answer buried in a footnote. The printer has 3 paper trays, 1 for manual feed and the other two can be filled with whatever you need. The printer is picky about what kind of paper it will print double-sided, and as it turns out both trays had been set to ‘Labels’ in the printer setup, and they had forgotten about it. So setting the trays back to Letterhead fixed the problem.

Leaving their office, I drove over to our storeroom to drop off some bins of stuff we don’t need, then it was back to the rig, just in time for Jan and I to turn right around and head to Pearland to meet some friends for dinner at Central Texas BBQ there. Then afterwards we went over to their house nearby for coffee and a delicious dessert Bonnie had made.

Finally heading home about 7:30 we stopped off at Brandi’s to see how she feels and get our last hugs in with Landon, who actually was already asleep, but not yet in bed.

Heading home at last, I told Jan it would be good to get back on the road just to get some rest. She said she was thinking the same thing.

Jan had a an early morning doctor’s appointment tomorrow so I’m going to bed early.


Thought for the Day:

Experience is the name we give our mistakes.



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