Changas and Charro Beans . . .

Once again, with Jan staying over at Brandi’s Landon-Sitting for the weekend, I didn’t sleep very well and was up at about 8 am.

I spent the morning finishing up this laptop I’ve been upgrading for a client, and then about 11:30 I headed over to Brandi’s to pick up Jan. She had called earlier to say she wasn’t really hungry, so we didn’t go out for breakfast.

But by the time I picked her up about noon, Brandi and Lowell were back from their weekend, and so we handed off Landon, and headed over to McDonald’s for a fish sandwich lunch, and then it was home for the afternoon.

Jan napped, as she was pooped chasing after a very active 17 month old, and I finished up the laptop, and then I got in a short nap too.

Then about 5:15 Jan and I headed up to Pasadena to meet our friend Barbara at a new-to-us restaurant called Jimmy Changas. We had heard it was good, and the crowd waiting for tables was proof of it. We had a 20 minute wait, but believe me it was worth it.

This was Barbara’s Shrimp and Mango Tostado Salad with Margarita Vinaigrette Dressing. And it tastes even better than it looks

Shrimp and Mango Salad

Jan had the Chile Relleno which she said was just about as good as Esther’s in Los Angeles, which is our benchmark for Chile Relleno. I had the Stacked Pork Enchiladas, which was pulled port and grilled spinach, stacked in layers of tortillas with Monterey Jack cheese, and then topped with a Chipotle-Poblano cheese sauce. along with Mexican rice and Charro Beans.

Wow, that was good!

Leaving Jimmy’s we got a better look at the Fiery Waterfall out front.

Jimmy Changas Fire Fall

Our next stop was Barbara’s so we could talk some more and I could check out her computer and clean it up some.

Finally, getting our good-bye hugs, Jan and I headed back to the rig about 10:30.

Another nice day out of the few remaining we have here in Houston.


Thought for the Day:

In science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of one individual – Galileo



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