Ribs and Routers . . .

This morning I started out getting ready for the RV Mobile Lube guy who’s supposed to be here tomorrow morning.

I wanted to be sure everything would start and run, so first off I cranked up the generator and let it for about 10 minutes before I shut it down.

Next I lit off our Cummins diesel just long enough to be sure it would start for tomorrow, and also to raise the coach up on the levelers.

Based on what I’ve been told by two different Cummins guys, I normally don’t crank up our engine even when we’ve been parked as long as five months.

I know some people say different, but according to the Cummins people, if you can’t run it long enough to get it up to normal operating temperature, just let it set. It won’t hurt it. And since without a load, just idling, it can take about an hour to warm, I just let it set.

They did say it was alright to run it for just a few minutes, in this case, just long enough to let the levelers down down and raise the coach up. And I wanted to raise the coach to give the RV Mobile Lube guy easier access underneath, and also so I could spray lubricant on the leveler surfaces.

So it looks like everything’s a go for tomorrow, and also for when we leave, hopefully next Thursday.

Finishing with this, I headed out about 10 am for a day of fun and frolic, well, maybe work and errands, anyway.

My first stop was right down the road from our house in Heritage Park to pick up a client’s laptop. They want to upgrade it to Win 7 and double the RAM from 2GB to 4.

Leaving there I headed up to Pasadena to get a client’s network straighten out. They recently got a Epson Wireless Printer and couldn’t get all four computers to see the printer at the same time.

Turned out the problem was all their computers weren’t on the same network. It took a while to get it fixed, but when I left about 90 minutes later, it was all working and they were happy. So I’m happy.

My next stop was Fry’s Electronics to pick up the RAM for the laptop upgrade job, and also take back a defective router that I bought a couple of weeks ago and found out the WiFi section won’t work

Then it was over to my client’s to reinstall the replacement router, and “Eureka”, the WiFi works now. Another problem solved.

I finished up with a couple of errands, including picking up our winter spread at the cleaners and dropping it off at the storeroom before heading home.

After passing Spring Creek BBQ on the way, I had a hankering for ribs, so Jan and I headed back over to the Victory Lakes area to get our rib fix there. Ribs, along with BBQ Beans, Corn on the Cob, Green Beans with Bacon, and Fresh Hot Rolls, just can’t be beat.


Thought for the Day:

Some think my cynicism grows with age. I like to think of it as wisdom!



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