Barcenas and La Posta . . .

Jan and I decided to have the Sunday morning breakfast buffet at La Brisa this morning, and as we were leaving the coach, she was wondering if she should feed the birds before we left, or wait until we came back.

Well the birds decided for her. As soon as she stepped out of the coach, flocks of birds headed toward us, squawking all the way, and settled in the palm trees surrounding our site, just waiting for the birdseed lady (Jan) to get to work.

We also had our Great Blue Heron friend right off shore keeping an eye on things.

Great Blue Heron 4

After our usual great La Brisa breakfast, I brought Jan home and then turned around and headed up to Webster to spend the afternoon working at a client’s office, setting up some things that’s hard to do when everyone is there working.

Finally about 4:30 I headed back down to the rig to pick up Jan so we could head right back up to meet Brandi, Lowell, and Landon at the Barcenas Mexican Restaurant right near their house.

Brandi had gotten back from Denver earlier in the afternoon, glad to be out of the snow and ice and 8 degree temps, and back to just rainy Houston.

Landon was his usual energetic self, keeping us all highly entertained.

Jan started out feeding him the chips and queso, but apparently Landon thought she was spending too much time talking and not enough time feeding him,

Landon Barcenas 35

so he just started feeding himself.

Landon Barcenas 4

Landon Barcenas 5


Then after we finished eating, Jan and Landon had a rousing game of “Where’s Landon?”

Barcena Where's Landon 1

Barcena Where's Landon 2

After a fun get-together, and a quick stop at CVS, Jan and I headed home. On the way we got a call from our friend’s Nick and Terry Russell, saying they’d made the 470 mile trip from Del Rio to Las Cruces, and were now on their way to have dinner at the legendary La Posta de Mesilla in the Old Mesilla area of Las Cruces.

On the National Register of Historic Buildings, the La Posta Compound dates back to the 1840’s when it was a freight station. Then after the Civil War it was an important stop on the Butterfield Stagecoach Line. And later, it was the home of the Corn Exchange Hotel, one of the finest in the Southwest. The La Posta de Mesilla Restaurant opened in 1939 and the same family has been serving delicious food there ever since.

Jan and I are really looking forward to eating there ourselves when we’re through there in a couple of weeks or so.


Thought for the Day:

Camping…nature’s way to feed the mosquitoes.



6 Responses

  1. Howdy J&G,
    LETZ GO, LETZ GO!!! Thank you, for my Landon fix!! He’s doing so much, now… Bring him to the ranch to ride the little horses.. We lost one of the new mares in foaling, lost the foal, too,also!! I’ll bet Brandi is glad to get out of 8* weather!!! Did she take 8* clothes with her??

    Well, just send some of that rain this way and we’ll hug your neck!!

  2. Old Mesilla is a great walk around – especially at sunset. We often eat at Lorenzo’s, a great Italian restaurant in Mesilla. La Hacienda RVP is a very nice park in Cruces, one of our favorite stop-overs.

    You can’t go wrong in Las Cruces, NM …

  3. Butterbean,

    Sorry to hear about your horses.

    If I could figure how to steer it, I’d send all the rain your way, believe me.

  4. I’m sorry, but Italian food in Old Mesilla?

    That’s just so wrong in so many ways.

  5. Greg, We have eaten at La Posta 3 or 4 times and it is very good.However our favorite is Pepes on the south side of Las Cruces.It is less crowded,faster service and one third the cost of La Posta.Good food in an nice old building,just not historic………..Lloyd & Carol at Green Caye Rv Park.

  6. Lloyd,

    Sounds good. We may check it out.

    We also like El Comedor on SR28 right down the road from La Posta. You have to pass El Comedor to get to La Posta.

    Sounds a lot like Pepe’s. El Comedor was recommend to us by several locals. I think it’s where they go when they want good Mex without La Posta princes.

    Thanks for reading our blog

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