Well, I tried to sleep in . . .

and was doing just fine until about 9 am a thunder boomer went off right overhead and was strong enough to rock the coach. It certainly got my attention, believe me.

But since I was up, it was time for coffee while we listened to the rain pouring down. I had hoped to get some more stuff done outside today, but it sure looks iffy now.

Finally about 11:30, during a lull in the rain,  I drove over to the hardware store in Dickinson to get the stainless steel bolts I needed to finish installing the new wipers on the rig. But by the time I got back it was pouring down again.

Our daughter Brandi sent us some pictures from Denver where she’s attending a friend’s baby shower this weekend.

Brandi in Denver 1

Brandi in Denver 2

Looking at these shots I’m not so upset about all the rain we’ve been having.

About 1 pm there was another lull in the rain so I went outside and finished up installing the wipers on the rig. Another item to check off the list before we leave.

Coming back inside, I checked the measurements and decided to go ahead and install the handle/towel rack on the side of Jan’s new kitchen cart.

Kitchen Cart Handle

It should make it a little easier to move around.

Since I wasn’t getting much done with all the bad weather around, Jan and I decided to do a movie this afternoon, so about 2:30 we headed up to Webster to the Star Cinema Grill.

And yes, it is a movie theater, not a grill. Well, actually it’s both. It was originally a 6 screen theater that got put out of business a number of years ago when 30 screen and 18 screen complexes came in nearby.

So about 8 years ago someone bought it up, completely refurbished it, tore out every other row of seats, and put small tables in front of the remaining seats. And on each table is a call button.

There are menus and order slips on each one, also. You write down what you want, press the call button, and hand the slip to the waiter when he shows up. You can order directly from the waiter if you want, but the slips are quicker. And the waitstaff are all dressed in black so they don’t draw attention.

The menu is very much like a T.G.I. Fridays, or an Applebee’s, and it is good food. They also have a full bar so you can have a glass of wine with your dinner if you like.

We always try to get there about 30 minutes before the show starts. This allows us to get in, get seated, and get our order in. Doing it this way means our food shows up just about as the movie starts. Very convenient.

Jan was happy to see one new addition to the menu – cupcakes from the Cheesecake Factory. They come in orders of two, and you can mix and match Red Velvet and/or Marble.


It’s also very nice to decide halfway through the movie that you want some popcorn, and you just push your button. But the really great thing about their popcorn is that it’s fresh, really fresh. Unlike the big theaters they don’t pop it ahead of time. It’s done all during the evening as they need it. And boy, is is good.

I’d almost forgotten how good hot, buttery movie popcorn can be.

One of the other nice things is No Crying, Screaming, Running Kids. They don’t allow any children under 5 years old, and they only allow 5 to 17 when with an adult. Very peaceful.

The movie we went to see was “One For The Money”, based on the Janet Evanovich best-seller. She’s now up to number 18, and both Jan and I really enjoy her books.

And we both really enjoyed the movie, too. Katherine Heigl turned out to be very good as the heroine Stephanie Plum, and Debbie Reynolds was a hoot as her grandmother. Hopefully “Two for the Dough” won’t be too far behind.

And of course we used RunPee, as usual. For new readers, RunPee.com is a website that lists every movie, and the best time for a pee break. And it also tells you what happened while you were gone. But since this movie was only 1 hour, 46 minutes long, we didn’t need a break.

And now, even better, there’s an app for that. It not only gives you times, but also has a timer that you start at the beginning of the movie. It then vibrates twice two minutes before the break, and once, one minute before the break. Very nice.

We got out of the movie a little before 5:30, and before heading home, I made a quick stop at a client’s office before we headed over to Brandi’s to pick up a package from Amazon, and get in a little Landon time.

Lowell, with the help of his sister Sherry, seemed to have be doing just fine taking care of Landon while mommy’s gone.

After a couple of more stops we got home about 7:30 just ahead of more rain.

On second thought that Denver snow is starting to sound better and better.


Thought for the Day:

Of course I could agree with you, but then we would both be wrong.



3 Responses

  1. The description about the app for the pee break just about had me pee my pants! That is too funny! But useful to a LOT of people, I’m sure! Loved the snow photos….shhhhh, don’t tell Eldy!

  2. Howdy Rainy Greg,

    I’m jealous, you get all of the rain, even after Nick left!!! Our C.O.E. Lake across the hiway is 19′ low and about a half a mile short… It’s not even across the hiway anymore; the creek’s dry!!! The ‘forbs’ and willows have grown tall enuff for the deer to camp in them and not in the woods!! Sounds like somebody had a good idea, especially about the ‘children’, using a historical theater for something more than storage… With good food and DECENT movies they should get all of the adult business.. IF THEY KEEP THE SOUND DOWN!!!
    We are waiting for ‘our’ trip out West!!!

  3. Jeannie,

    Well, if you had the RunPee app, you wouldn’t have to worry about that.

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