Snow and Rain-X . . .

Today we were up early again, for the third day in a row. Luckily tomorrow we can sleep in.

Our raison d’etre was to take our daughter Brandi to Houston-Hobby Airport to catch a Frontier Airlines flight to Denver. She’s going out for the weekend for a friend’s baby shower.

On the way to Brandi’s we heard on the radio that Southwest Airlines had suspended all flights into Denver until after 1pm, so we hoped she’d get out OK since her flight didn’t even leave Houston until 12:20pm

Dropping Brandi off at the airport, we headed over to our doctor’s office to correct some problems with our prescriptions. It seems like it’s always easier to get these things straightened out face to face.

By this time it was after 11am, and since we were driving right by the place, we decided to have lunch at the Texas Tea Room for some of their delicious soup and sandwiches

After lunch, I made a quick visit to a client before we started for home. Of course, along the way I made a quick stop at Fry’s Electronics to check on a warranty problem, and then we stopped at Buc-ee’s for cappuccinos and a newspaper.

Then finally it was home for the day.

After a short nap, (too short, but I had stuff to do.) I went outside to work on some more things to get us ready to travel in about two weeks.

First I used a piece of plastic hose to siphon the old windshield washer fluid out of both the rig and the truck and replaced it with Rain-X fluid. I recently bought Rain-X windshield wipers and read that they work better and last longer with the Rain-X fluid. So I thought I’d give it a try.

Next, and while I was in the area, I started to replace the wipers on the rig with the new Rain-X ones. I’d replaced the ones on the truck a couple of weeks ago, but got rained out before I could do the rig. But I didn’t get too far this time either.

The rig wipers are held on the arms by machine bolts and I noticed they were pretty rusty. So tomorrow I’ll stop off at the hardware store and get some stainless steel ones to take care of that problem.

Next up I replaced the outside and the inside water filters. The outside one is a Culligan RV-800 and just mounts on the faucet hose.

Up until last year I had always used one of those blue ones that everybody, including Wal-Mart, sells. But while we were staying at an RV park outside Glacier National Park this past year, my blue one just up and split open one day.

Since the park had a store, I check’em to see what they had, and that’s when I found the Culligan. It was about the same length as the blue ones, but bigger around. And even better, it was rated for a lot more gallons than the blue ones. So I decided to give it a try.

And as it turns out, it’s a really good filter, especially in places like Elkhart, IN that have a lot of iron in the water. This year, for the first time, we had no rust stains in the lavatory while we were in Elkhart.

Last thing before I went inside, I dumped a couple of ounces of biocide into my diesel tank. I came into the park with a full tank of fuel which helps cut down on the condensation and water in the tank, which keeps the algae from growing, which keeps the algae from clogging the fuel filters. It’s a vicious cycle.

Ask Nick about that one.

Then it was inside for the fun one, the one under the sink that feeds the icemaker and the drinking fountain. It’s not easy to get to, even if it has snap-in connectors. The one I bought was supposed to be a direct replacement for the one I had, but it sure didn’t hook up the same.

Once the old one is hooked in, no amount of pulling would release it until you push the button on the connector. However, it didn’t take much pulling at all for the new one to pop loose.

Just picturing in my mind the coach flooded after the new one came loose while we weren’t here, I grabbed my Droid and about 30 seconds later had the correct one on the way from Amazon. It’ll be here tomorrow and I’ll install it then.

About this time Jan heated up some great King Food Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce with Fried Rice, an Egg Roll, and Hot and Sour Soup. Really good dinner.

After a great meal, I got to work on assembling the Kitchen Cart we got from Wal-Mart a week or so ago.

When we had the washer/dryer out of the cabinet for repair around Christmas time, Jan really enjoyed using it for extra counter space, so we decided to find something to replace it. And we found this at Wal-Mart.

Kitchen Cart


Mine ended up looking like this.

New Kitchen Cart 1

I left the towel rack/handle off the left side until we see how it fits.

For traveling and storing out of the way, it looks like this. The wheels lock, but I’ll bungee it in place too.

New Kitchen Cart 

I think it’s going to work out pretty well.

About 8pm I called Lowell to see how Brandi did on her flight. He said she made it safely, but took off from here about an hour and 20 minutes late because of the bad weather in Denver.

And bad it is. Lowell said there’s a foot of snow on the ground and more coming. It won’t get above freezing the entire time she’s there, and tomorrow night the low is supposed to 8 degrees. Hope she took warm clothes.


Thought for the Day:

Courage ~ Fear that has said its prayers.



One Response

  1. Howdy Greg,

    Bet you’re gonna be glad to head West and get away from early rising and ‘WERK’!!! I know what you mean about the flooding!! Jan’s new
    cart looks great and has a place to fit!! I was wondering where it would go!! As far as looks have you ever heard of photo-shopping??
    It seems as much as those wiper blades cost, they’d send new SS
    hardware.. Yeah right!!! Watch out for the sea spouts!!! We’re supposed to be ‘the tornado-alley’, out here!!! Hope all’s well down on the coast!! Give the little one a hug for me..

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