Fun time’s over. Now it’s back to work . . .

Well, Nick and Terry are gone until we see them next month in Yuma so things just took a sharp right turn into boring.

But on a brighter note, readers will now be getting two blogs instead of one.

I was up about 8:45 this morning since we weren’t quite sure how early Nick and Terry would be pulling out. But by the time we had coffee and some of Miss Terry’s bread, toasted and buttered, Nick showed up and said they were getting close. So Jan and I headed over to their rig to say our goodbyes and get our last hugs in before they left.

We watched them make the turn out of the park and then went back to the rig, and I went back to work.

Damn, I miss Nick already. No excuse left to goof off.

I spent the rest of the morning working on a couple of laptops, one of which I’ll deliver this afternoon. Both had severe virus infections and took a while to get straighten out.

For lunch Jan made cheese toast using Terry’s bread, along with chips, and a cranberry muffin for dessert.

I headed out about 2pm, first to Fry’s for some RAM, and then O’Reilly’s Auto Parts to return a relay. Then it was on to my client’s to deliver the laptop.

Coming home about 4:30, I stopped off at Wal-Mart to make a return and then headed down to Dickinson to pick up some Tortilla Soup, Queso, and chips at Monterey’s to take home.

Put together with some leftover Nachos, it was a great meal.

Tomorrow looks to be a pretty full day of client stuff, hopefully enough to keep me busy, off the streets, and out of trouble.

But, as I always say, “One out of Three ain’t bad”.

Here’s a repost of some more of California/Oregon coast trip in 2010.


Thought for the Day:

1010011010 – The binary number of the Beast


First Time in Oregon…

Originally posted on May 16, 2010

We left Klamath River RV Park about 10 am heading for Oregon.

This was a really beautiful park and we wish we could have spent more time here.

Click to Enlarge !

This is our first time to be in Oregon. The only other state out here we haven’t been in yet is Utah. But that’s coming up.

On today’s trip, we tried combating our continuing cat barf problem by not feeding the cats this morning before we left.

And believe me, they weren’t happy about this, and let us know it.

But it did seem to work. Mister tried to once, but didn’t have anything to throw up. Finally they were both so miserable they just curled up together on the sofa. This from two cats that really don’t like each other.

I guess misery DOES love company.

Click to Enlarge !

Getting into Oregon, we started seeing acres of cranberry bogs. Always thought they grew in the northeast, not the northwest.

We arrived at the Midway RV Park in Coos Bay about 1:45 pm and got set up.

Click to Enlarge !

Note the large pelican carving just to the right of our site.

Click to Enlarge !

I think Jan, who collects pelicans, might be trying to figure out if this one will fit in the coach somehow. I don’t think so.

Click to Enlarge !

A little later we headed out a seafood restaurant called Fisherman’s Grotto that the park manager had recommended to us. And it was great. Jan wants to go back tomorrow.

About 7 pm I fixed coffee and we had the pie we brought home from Marie Callender’s last night. Delicious as always.

Not sure yet what we’ll do tomorrow.

We’ll see…



2 Responses

  1. I see you’re doing a lot of client computer work. As a retired sysadmin my wife and I are going on the road soon and I think I may want to try to pick up a little computer work to keep my hand in. If you’ve got a few minutes; drop me and email . . .I would like to chat with you about finding and servicing clients while at random locations around the country.


  2. Neil,

    Not sure I can help too much about the “random locations around the country” thing.

    We’re from this area and most of the clients I’m seeing here are ones that I’ve had for years.

    Every year we spent a couple of months here to be with our kids and grandkids over the holidays before we head back again for the year.

    About a month before we get here I send out an email to all my clients letting them know I’m on my way. By the time I get here I’m usually starting to get booked up.

    I do occasionally stumble into hardware jobs on the road. This past fall I installed 5 new computers at the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart IN and I’ve sometimes worked on computers at RV parks around country.

    But while we’re on the road I mostly do software and website support for a number of small companies here in the Houston area. That keeps me pretty busy.

    When we first started RV’ing in 2008, a local university that I did fulltime website support for, wouldn’t let me quit, so I continued to work on the road for them for about 9 more months until I finished up the project.

    So I really don’t actively seek out jobs on the road, sometimes they just find me. In many cases, I just do it to keep my hand in, and because I enjoy it.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

    Thanks for reading our blog. Keep in touch.


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