This is all you get . ..

After spending all evening working on Nick’s website, I’m too tired to do a blog.

So this is all you get.

We went some places with Nick and Terry.

We saw some things with Nick and Terry.

We ate dinner at Floyd’s Cajun Seafood with Nick and Terry . . .

and Brandi, Lowell, and Landon.

Just remember, it’s Nick’s fault.

To make up for it, here’s a repost of our some of our visit to the California coast in 2010.


Coastal Drive and More Elk…

Originally posted on May 14, 2010

Today we headed out about 9 am to drive around the Redwood National Forest area. We first came across the Tour Thru Tree, one of several trees that allowed you to drive your vehicle thru them. We decided to check it out later and kept moving.

Next we came to the town of Klamath and stopped for breakfast at the Klamath River Cafe. It turned out to be very good with really good coffee.

Then, heading north on US 101 we saw the place we’d been seeing signs for – Trees of Mystery, apparently the home of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.

Click to Enlarge !

They have a gondola sky ride above the trees, a trail thru the trees, and some other things. Another thing for a later visit.

We headed on up the road to Crescent City to scope out the place and do the Walmart thing. Coming back I stopped for gas and we headed back toward Klamath.

Seeing a sign for a coast trail we took a turn down the road and headed toward the ocean. The first thing we came across was a large herd of Elk just off the road, just laying around catching some rays.

Click to Enlarge !

Click to Enlarge !

Following the road along thru the forest we came across a lot of fog in the trees.

Click to Enlarge !

Coming back past the rig we dropped off our groceries and headed back out to make a Coastal Drive thru the Redwood National Park that we found out about in some brochures.

Click to Enlarge !

And it was a great drive. Most of the road was a narrow one-lane gravel road winding thru the trees right along the Pacific coast.

Click to Enlarge !

Click to Enlarge !

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And we finally got a close up look at some big trees.

Click to Enlarge !

Click to Enlarge ! Click to Enlarge ! Click to Enlarge !

We got back to the rig about 3 pm and were in for the night.

A while later Jan cooked up a batch of her great Chicken Rice-A-Roni, along with some garlic French bread. For dessert we had some fresh cherries we got at a road side stand today.

Tomorrow we’re going to check out the Tour-thru Tree and the Trees of Mystery, and then drive back down south to the Avenue of the Giants for more big trees.


Thought for the Day:

It’s easier to track the wolf in the snow than in his den.



One Response

  1. Howdy tired-out Greg,
    I knew he’d work you to worn-out!!! I really did enjoy the coastal trip, again, as much as the first time.. Y’all really took’em on an adventure yesterday, on The Island.. So glad we got to go along and see the recovery work coming on..
    Thank you and Jan, for ‘dragging’ them over to see the Texas coast..
    Just make sure Nick’s head ‘sweats’ before they leave!!!

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