Last Day . . .

For anyone who needs their Landon fix, I got some shots of Brandi and Landon when we all had dinner at Floyd’s Cajun Seafood the other night.

Brandi and Landon at Floyds 1

Brandi and Landon at Floyds 2

A couple of cuties!

Today’s our last day with Nick and Terry before they head out for Rockport, TX tomorrow morning so we left the rigs about 10:30 am to have lunch at King Food up in Webster. And as usual, we spent as much or more time talking than eating, although you couldn’t tell it by Nick and I.

After finishing lunch we stopped off at a nearby hobby shop so Nick and I could look at RC planes. They had a good many, but we were looking for something cheaper to play with.

Next, it was on to Wal-Mart. I mean, what’s a day without Wal-Mart?

Besides a few and various sundries, Jan and I were looking for a kitchen cart. She really enjoyed having an extra work surface in the kitchen when our washer/dryer was out waiting for parts in December.

So, after doing a lot of checking, we decided to take a closer look at this one. And after seeing it, we bought one home. It looks like it will fit between my computer chair and the dining table chair just fine.

Kitchen Cart

Then it was on to Fry’s Electronics to pick up some new LED Christmas lights. I’d noticed the other day that they still had some in stock and I wanted to replace the old ones in the light ball I made Jan a couple of months ago. Some of them had already started burning out. LED’s are supposed to do that.

LED Light Ball

It’s about 12 inches in diameter and hangs in the front window of the coach. Jan saw another rig with something like it a few months ago and wanted one too. It looks pretty good.

Next we drove around the area to sightsee some more, including NASA and around Clear Lake and back. Then, heading down toward Dickinson, we drove FM517 over to Alvin as a preview of the route they’ll take out of town tomorrow heading to Rockport.

Heading back east we stopped at a Buc-ee’s to get cappuccino’s and gas, before then heading east on FM517 out to San Leon and April Fool Point to check out some RV parks in the area and also Topwater Grill, a really neat seafood restaurant right on Galveston Bay

TopWater Grill

Finishing up our trip, we got back to the rig about 5 to rest up for a couple of hours before heading out about 7 for our last dinner together

And we ended up at La Brisa, just like the first night of their visit. You can’t go wrong with Mexican.

Nick said they plan to leave out about 10 tomorrow so we’ll be up to see them off. It’ll be about a month until we meet up again in Yuma for the next Gypsy Journal Rally starting the 5th of March.

But at least we got a temporary Nick and Terry fix for a few days, so I guess it’ll just have to hold us until then.

Drive safe, guys.


Thought for the Day:

"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." — Thomas Jefferson


Thought I’d post more of our trip through the Redwood National Forest in 2010.


Elk and Deer, Yes – Whales, No…

Originally posted on May 15, 2010

We started off our last day in Klamath, CA with breakfast at the Klamath River Cafe just like yesterday.

I had the eggs, bacon, and 3 pancakes. The pancakes were so large that I could only eat one.

After breakfast we stopped by the Post Office to mail off some packages, but since it was Saturday, it was closed. In small towns, apparently, the PO doesn’t open at all on Saturdays.

Then it was on to the Tour-Thru Tree, one of several drive-thru redwood trees in the area. This tree is still alive and still growing.

Click to Enlarge !

Click to Enlarge !

I remember driving thru a Sequoia when my family came out west on vacation back in 1964 when I was 15. When I checked it out this time, I found that it collapsed in 1969 due to heavy snowfall. The only remaining drive-thru trees are now all Redwoods.

Next, heading up the road to the Trees of Mystery place that we had seen the day before, we encountered another of the many of these signs we had seen. What’s kind of scary is that this road is about 300 feet about sea level. I don’t want to be anywhere near here when a 300 foot tsunami come through.

Click to Enlarge !

A few miles down the road we arrived at Trees of Mystery and got parked.

Click to Enlarge !

We bought our tickets and headed up the 1/2 mile trail to the beginning of the Sky Trail gondola ride.

This is the Family Tree, twelve trees growing out of one trunk.

Click to Enlarge !

This tree has a hollowed-out passageway underneath it.

Click to Enlarge !

This is Fallen Giant, a 320 foot tree that fell about 500 years ago.

Click to Enlarge !

More tall trees than you can imagine.

Click to Enlarge !

The Cathedral Tree, a ring of 9 trees, is often used for weddings and other ceremonies.

Click to Enlarge !

This is the Brotherhood Tree, 297 feet tall and 19 feet in diameter.

Click to Enlarge !

Click to Enlarge !

After a pretty steep climb, we reached the beginning of the Sky Trail and headed up the side of the mountain.

Click to Enlarge !

Getting to the top, we found a family of chipmunks living underneath the Sky Trail upper terminal. I think this was Jan’s favorite part. They were running everywhere.

Click to Enlarge !

Click to Enlarge !

The view from the top was really something.

Click to Enlarge !

Then it was time for the ride back down. I had to search Jan to be sure she wasn’t smuggling any chipmunks back down.

Click to Enlarge !

Click to Enlarge !

Starting the trail back down we saw the Towering Inferno, a tree that was stuck by lightning in December 1995. It was originally over 250 feet tall and about 1200 years old. It burned for several days and this husk is all that’s left.

Click to Enlarge !

Click to Enlarge !

The bottom part of the trail was thru the Trail of Tall Tales, consisting of large scale carvings telling stories of Paul Bunyan and his friends.

Click to Enlarge !

Click to Enlarge !

Back in the parking lot we checked out the large statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.

Click to Enlarge !

Funny, but I always thought Babe was a girl.

Click to Enlarge !

Jan thinks he’s a guy !

Click to Enlarge !

Leaving Trees of Mystery we headed down the road and out to Requa Point to do some whale watching. The brochures said we could see whales off the point here from mid-April thru May.

How many did we see?


But we did find this plaque. When I first read it, I thought the human food they were referring to was US.

Click to Enlarge !

Leaving Requa Point we headed south about 95 miles to drive the Avenue of the Giants. This is a 31 mile stretch of old US 101 that threads thru some really tall trees.

Click to Enlarge !

Click to Enlarge !

Click to Enlarge !

Next we headed about about 25 miles further south and made the misinformed decision to make the 21 mile drive out to Shelter Cove where we were absolutely, positively guaranteed to see whales. What we didn’t know that this 21 mile drive would be the steepest, twistyest drive we’ve encountered since we drove up Mt Washington in New Hampshire last year. The 21 miles took us almost an hour and a half.

Of course it would all be worth it when we saw the whales.


We saw some beautiful scenery, but nary a whale was in sight.

Click to Enlarge !

Click to Enlarge !

Click to Enlarge !

Click to Enlarge !

And, of course, we still had the 21 mile, hour and a half, drive back.

And then, of course, the 120 mile drive back home.

Coming back from Shelter Cove, we did see a lot of deer feeding along the road.

Click to Enlarge !

Getting into Eureka about 6:30 pm we stopped at a Marie Callender’s for dinner, and a couple of pieces of pie to take home with us.

Coming thru Trinidad, (no, not that one) we encountered what we had seen on a local billboard. The largest herd of Roosevelt Elk in the world crossing the road in front of us.

This YouTube video shows what it looked like.

Finally, about 8:30 pm we got back home after a long day, and over 250 miles.

Tomorrow we travel about 160 miles north to Coos Bay, OR for a couple of days.

More then…



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