Cheese and Books . . .

Jan and I headed out about 12:30 for another afternoon of errands and work stuff. But our first stop was for lunch at King Food, before heading over to Half-Price Books.

Jan had a large bag of books she wanted to sell, and a list of books she was looking for. And as usual, we got zilch for our books. I carried in a big canvas bag that must have weighed 25 pounds, and we walked out with 8 whole dollars.


Our next stop was my client’s office. While Jan read in the truck, I finished setting up the second new computer for them. I’ll go back over some time later this week and get everything installed.

A little before 4pm we drove down to meet Brandi at Landon’s pediatrician’s office. Landon had a Dr’s appointment, and since Lowell couldn’t get free from work, Brandi wanted Jan along, so between the two of they could keep Landon in hand and still pay attention to what the Doctor was saying.

Afterwards, we all headed over to Brandi’s for a while, waiting until it was time to meet Lowell at Cheddar’s for dinner.

While we were there, Landon got his first chance to use his new Gyro Bowl, in this case, full of orange sections. As I thought he spent as much time playing with it as eating from it. He was fascinated by how it swiveled as he turned it.

Landon at Cheddars2

Landon at Cheddars3

After a fun meal, we finally all headed to our respective homes.

Tomorrow’s kind of up in the air. I may just work around the rig unless something comes up.

We’ll have to see.


Thought for the Day:

A wolf will back off when its wolf opponent bares its throat and submits. When a rabbit rolls over, the wolf eats it.



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  1. Greg, You should have Jan save the books and sell them at Nick’s rallies. You might make more from them that way.

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