A Rough Night . . .

and even rougher next day.

This has been a wild and wooly day. It started about 1:30 this morning, when out of the blue, a thunder clap seemingly right above our heads, shook the coach and rocked it side to side. Jan was in bed and let out a scream as the thunder rolled on and on.

And then the rain came. And came and came…

By the time the storm front passed through, parts of Houston had over 6 inches of rain.

This photo from the Houston Chronicle shows some of the results.

Houston Flooding


And this is what the weather radar showed as we hunkered down in the rig.


We later found out that a small tornado touched down at Mall of the Mainland less than 5 miles away. And a bigger one hit up in Houston tearing the roofs off a number of houses.

Sounds like we really dodged a bullet.

But as bad as the storm was, we stayed warm and dry, and only had one quick power glitch. But the storm just kept coming and coming.

Finally, about 3:30 the storm started to slack off and clear out, and we actually saw the sun and a little blue sky before the clouds rolled back in. But at least this time, it didn’t come with rain.

About 5pm Jan and I headed up to Seabrook to have some XXX hot wings at Hooter’s. Then we made a stop at Home Depot before heading home.

Regular blog visitor and Landon’s honorary uncle Butterbean, sent this photo of what Landon would look like as a real Texas cowboy.

A Real Cowboy

As Brandi said “That’s TOTALLY Landon!”


Thought for the Day:

Data you don’t have at least two copies of, is data you don’t care about.



One Response

  1. Howdy Jan & Greg,

    THANK THE GOOD LORD, Y’ALL ARE OK!!! I saw that storm approaching that area and completely forgot y’all!!! I bet Jan woke the whole park up; they don’t need a siren!!! Thatz Texas weather for you!!! So glad y’all came out okay.. In the news pic you can see who was checking for victims(Texas Aggie)!!!
    I knew when I saw the pic it was Landon all over!! Only a half-Okie
    would tackle a 2000# bull, without his diaper!!! Only his hat & boots,

    honerery g-unc butterbean

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