Bulbs and Buffets . . .

After our busy week, today was a take-it-easy, do-nothing day.

We did get up a little early to head out about 9:30 a few miles up TX146 to La Brisa for their great weekend breakfast buffet. They really make a mean omelet.

Then after a quick stop at Wal-Mart for a few things, including 4 F15T8 fluorescent bulbs to the replace the ones in the kitchen, we were home for the day.

Getting home, I installed the 4 bulbs. These things have gotten expensive. Seems like the last time I bought some several years ago, they were around $4 a piece. Today they were $8.47 each.

$34 for light bulbs. Ouch.

Later, after Jan fell asleep on the sofa reading, I decided a nap sounded like a nice idea so I retired to the bedroom for a very pleasant two hours.

About 5pm Jan heated up our leftover King Food Chinese from the other night. Really good, as usual.

At 7pm we watched our friend Tony Booth on a Hee Haw rerun from 1973. Tony had a number of big hits in the 70’s, including “The Key’s in the Mailbox”, “Lonesome 7-7203”, and “Cinderella”, and he and his band won 4 ACM (Academy of Country Music) awards during that time period, including “Most Promising Male Vocalist” in 1971.

That was then.

Tony Booth 1973


This is now.

Tony Booth

Jan says he’s “aged very nicely”, and then just smiles. I’m not sure how to take that.

I’m gonna have to keep a closer eye on that girl.

We see Tony quite often at the Alvin Opry, when he’s not touring around the country with his band.

I know tomorrow will be busy. I’m just not sure with what yet.

I’ll let you know.


Thought for the Day:

“Some minds are like soup in a poor restaurant…better left unstirred.” – PG Wodehouse



2 Responses

  1. Greg:

    I also went to Wal-Mart and bought their replacement fluorescent light bulbs but found that they only had the CW (cool White) that were a bit harsher than we wanted. I took them back and checked Camping World which did not have the WW (warm white) that I wanted. Then I looked on-line at Amazon and found this:
    They were only $2.67 each! I ordered six of them and had them shipped. I was a little worried about them surviving but they did just fine! 🙂 They are exact replacements for what I had in the motorhome so wife and I are happy. You might give them a try the next time.

  2. Howdy J&G,

    Jan, keep your hands off of Tony.. Hez a ‘nice’ boy!!! I ‘pulled’ him up on YouTube and he has 57 videos!! Thatz a day or 2 of nuthin’ but TONY!!!!!!!!!! His voice is going though.. Just like Ray Price’s!! None of his Rockabilly, though, but a WHOLE LOT of Alvin Opry, with Jan screaming with the other ‘girls’!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Greg, I can’t believe you didn’t check Amazon FIRST! $8.47.. THATZ BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope the storm don’t get y’all!!!! We had ‘hard’ snow @ 4am…

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