They had better be worth it !

Today I headed out about 11:30 for some errands and a few client visits.

My first stop was at a client’s to pick up a check, and now I finally got the Chase Online Deposit thru your cellphone thingie working.

I had tried it twice before, and no matter what I did, the check pictures came out blurry, even trying 3 or 4 times. They would look fine on the screen, but as soon as I took the picture, the result was blurred. However when I took a picture of the check the regular way with the camera in the phone, it looked fine.

So today I decided to try it again to save me making a special trip to the bank that was in the opposite direction from where I needed to go next.

And it worked fine. No problems. The only difference was that the first couple of times I tried it on the kitchen counter in the rig, and today the check was on the center console in the truck.

Of course the ad on TV shows the guy holding the check up in the air as he takes the photo, so who knows. We’ll see how it goes next time.

My next stop was Auto Zone to get new windshield wipers for the rig and the truck. After a little research I decided to try the Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blades. According to Consumer Reports and other sources, they will last the longest.

I ended up getting them local because Amazon didn’t stock the 26 inch ones for the rig, and the place that did have them said 11 to 14 days delivery. Heck, we may be gone by then.

But, boy, were they expensive! They’re sold in singles so I had to buy 4 packages, two of each size. And the total came to just over $93.00.

They really better work good.

Then I headed over to Pasadena to check out a laptop problem with a new client. His 5 year laptop seemed to be pretty well infected, so after fooling with it for a while, and finding he had the Recovery CD’s, I decided it would be faster, and cheaper for him, for me to pull his documents and photos off, and just reinstall Windows from scratch.

Leaving with his laptop, I headed over to another client’s for a quick look at a problem she was having with her email Contacts.

She could select a contact to email to, but she couldn’t open or edit a contact. It took a few minutes to track down the problem, and after getting it fixed up, I headed home about 4:30pm.

Brandi sent over this hilarious video of Landon eating dinner while trying to stay awake. Brandi’s laughing so hard she can’t hold the camera still. A couple of times her laughing wakes him back up.


About 5:30 Jan and I headed over to the Monterey’s Little Mexico in Dickinson to meet our friend Maria to first eat supper, and then Jan and Maria were going to play Bingo at the Knights of Columbus Hall in La Marque.

Our granddaughter Piper didn’t go because she starts back to school tomorrow and wanted to get a good night’s sleep.

Maria won a small pot, but Jan busted out for the night. Maybe next week.


Thought for the Day:

Fishing is relaxing. It’s like yoga, but I still get to kill something.



12 Responses

  1. Tried to watch the video of Landon but it says “this video is private sorry” he sure is a cute little guy.
    Betty and joe

  2. Boy, ya’ll are quick.

    It’s only been up about 5 minutes. For some reason it got set as ‘Private’, but it’s fixed now.

  3. My husband and I were both laughing. That was just so funny. What a cutie he is!!!

  4. I did not like the Latitude blades on the motorhome. When driving over 40 MPH they did not make very good contact with the glass

    Landon video should be on U-tube. Funny and charming.

  5. I haven’t tried the blades but their washer solution is great. Water beads up and rolls off.

  6. George,

    I had trouble on the rig with regular wipers until I readjusted the arm tension.

    That seemed to fix the problem. I’ll see what happens here.

  7. Hey, Landon eats just like you do, and his face looks the same as yours after a meal at a Mexican restaurant! 🙂

  8. Howdy Greg,
    Tell Papa Russell to go back and shovel the snow he brought to Florida!!! Quit making fun of my honerey nephew!!! Hez asleep!!!
    I need new wipers for the GB, but I ain’t paying no $100!!! Joyce can stand out there(on the bumper) and use the sqeegee, IF WE ARE EVER IN ANY RAIN!!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN HIS ‘POOTER’ WUZ FULL OF CRAP??? Doesn’t he have AVG?? Whatz his ‘technician’ for?? When I TRIED to see THE #1 GRANDSON, it said TRY AGAIN!!
    You sed it wuz fxt!! Enjoy the day and hug Jan..

  9. Nick,

    But I have never, ever fallen asleep while eating.

    And neither have you.

  10. No, because if I did, you’d eat all my food!!!

  11. No, I wouldn’t.

    I eat veggies, and like my food with onions.

  12. Your grandson is a doll!

    I wish you and your computer expertise was closer to where we are parked…Zapata. I would be a new client. There is no one to work on my sick laptop in Zapata, and not much choice in Laredo.

    Your blog is good reading. You do a great job.

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