AT&T Merry-Go-Round . . .

This morning Jan and I headed out about 11:15am to meet Brandi and Lowell at the Texas Tea Room. Landon was at daycare so Jan and Brandi were going to have a girl’s day out and do some shopping, while Lowell had joined us from work and would be going back.

At the same time, I was going back to the same two clients as yesterday. The first one was to make a final decision on the new computers, and the second was to get back with AT&T on converting that client’s static IP DSL account to dynamic IP’s. And this time I had the paperwork to hopefully get the problem resolved.

And get it resolved I did it


But to get this far I had to get on the AT&T Merry-Go-Round.


Yesterday I started out with DSL Tech Support, moved through DSL Residential Sales, and then segued into DSL Business Sales, why I don’t know. But without the needed paperwork, there was where I stalled out.

So today I started back in Business Sales. But after going round and round there, I ended up back in Residential Sales, where, after 25 minutes of them going back and forth between themselves, they decided that they couldn’t make the change in that department. So they transferred me to U-verse Internet Services.

Huh! They don’t have U-verse. Just DSL. So after finally convincing them of this, it was back to Business Sales.

Who then sent me back to DSL Tech Support.

Where’s Malcolm when I need him?

But finally after going round and round in Tech Support, I found someone who could take care of the problem.

Well, at least they could schedule it to be done.

On Wednesday, January 4th by 5pm.

And I have a Order Number to boot.

So now I’ll just wait till Wednesday afternoon and go by the house and check it out.

And probably have to start back over again.

We’ll see.

Finally about 3:30 I headed back over to Brandi’s to pick up Jan, but they were playing on the computer, so it was about 5pm before we headed home.

Along the way we decided to have dinner at Floyd’s Cajun Seafood, our favorite local Cajun place.

We started off with a dozen raw oysters, one of Floyd’s specialties. And when you order a dozen, you get 13. And these were really big, too.

Raw Oysters

While we were there, our friend Nick Russell called to chat, but it was just too noisy, so we told him we’d call on our way home.

Jan and I followed up our oysters with steaming bowls of delicious Shrimp Gumbo, pretty much the best in the area. The one place that’s its equal is Mulate’s in Breaux Bridge, LA (now Pont Breaux)

After a great meal we headed home, and on the way I called Nick back on my Garmin GPS.

Yes, my GPS. My new Garmin has Bluetooth and that makes it really easy to do hands-free calls.

Tomorrow we’re going back over to Brandi’s a little before 2pm to babysit Landon so she and Lowell can spend New Year’s Eve up in Katy with her BFF, Shawna and her family. They’ll spend the night and be back sometime Sunday.

We will have our hands full. And by ‘We’, I mean Jan.


Thought for the Day:

It seems like often when Congress makes a law, it’s a joke, and when they make a joke, it becomes a law.



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  1. If AT&T was in the plumbing business they would all be under 10 feet of water.

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