Fans and Cookies . . .

One of the packages that came in yesterday was the new fan motor for our Splendide washer/dryer. So before I went to bed last night I pulled the old motor out.

Washer Removal 9

I had been told when I ordered the new motor that I would have to remove the squirrel cage fan from the old motor and install in on the new one.

Washer Removal 10

It also helped that they told me that the nut holding the fan on was reverse threaded. Otherwise I might still be trying to get the fan loose.

It’s reassuring that the new motor is much heavier and better built than the old one.  I mean the old one only lasted 13 years.

What kind of quality is that?

Washer Removal 11


Here’s the new motor and fan all ready to go.

Washer Removal 12

But Jan says I can’t finish installing it yet. She’s in Christmas Cookie baking mode and really likes having the washer by the kitchen counter for the extra space while she’s baking.

Kitchen Counter

I might have to come up with something similar that I can put up and take down for Jan.

This morning started out with coffee and a call from a client whose computer wouldn’t boot up this morning. Told him I’d be there in the next hour or so.

But after heading out, my first stop was at Brandi and Lowell’s to start a load of laundry since Jan won’t let me fix the washer yet. LOL.

Then I headed over to the client’s. At first I thought his hard drive had died. The computer would start up and then hang at the point where it should start booting from the drive. But the BIOS setup said the computer was still seeing the drive, and I could hear it spinning up.

So while pondering this, I looked down at the bottom of the computer case on the floor and noticed Max had gotten himself an early Christmas present, (or probably a Chanukkah present), an brand new iPod Nano.

Which was plugged into a USB port. I unplugged the iPod, rebooted the machine, and everything was working fine.

Many computers are set up by default to boot from a USB port or the CDROM drive before the hard drive. A thumb drive is usually not enough to trigger this, but a iPod Nano looks enough like a bootable device that the computer tries to access it and then hangs.

Finishing up there I headed back to Brandi’s to put the clothes in the dryer and then it was back over to Lowe’s to pick up some things, including a piece of 3” metal duct to help me reconnect the dryer vent when I reinstall the Splendide.

Then it was back to Brandi’s to pick up the laundry. Lowell was there and we got to spend some time talking and that was good.

Getting back to the rig, I could smell the results of Jan’s labors as I came in the door. Batches of her famous melt-in-your-mouth Candy Cane Cookies were coming out of the oven. There’s nothing like the taste of one of these in your mouth, straight off the cookie sheet, almost too hot to eat, but you don’t care, they’re so good.

Candy Cane Cookies

Resisting the urge to eat more cookies, Jan and I headed out about 5:15 to meet our long-time friends, Bob and Beth Young, at King Food for a great Chinese meal. We always try to get together several times while we’re back in the area, and enjoy hearing about what’s going on with their big family of five kids. We’re going to try to do this at least once more before we leave town.


Thought for the Day:

Was learning cursive really necessary?



6 Responses

  1. Maybe. I heard a story the other day about kids being refused driver’s licenses because they only could print their name. They were told to go home, practice cursive. then come back so they could sign it.

    My cursive is so bad that I should have automatically been given a MD.

  2. I’m jonesing for some of Jan’s cookies!!!

  3. Dave,

    The only thing I write in cursive anymore is my signature.

    I started printing everything after breaking my hand my Senior year in HS.

    Never had a problem since then.


  4. Nick,

    It’s only about a thousand miles.

    What’s your problem?

  5. Lots of good chuckles in today’s blog. Thanks for helping start my morning off right.

  6. Linda,

    Glad to oblige.


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