Chip off the Old Block . . .

First off, more Landon pics.

This is his daycare photo,

Landon School Picture 2011a

and this is Brandi and Lowell’s Christmas Card this year.

Landon Christmas Card 2011a

About 11:15 Jan and I headed into downtown Houston, actually the Houston Heights area. Jan wanted to visit Penzey’s Spices and we wanted to have lunch at a place our son-in-law had recommend, Carter & Cooley Deli.

Carter & Cooley Deli

Right down the street from Penzey’s, it was a great recommendation. Jan had the Turkey Rueben, and I had a Cuban, with a cup of chili. Very good. I think we’ve found our new favorite deli.

Back at Penzey’s, Jan found the bottle of pure vanilla extract to replace the one that fell out of the pantry and broke on a recent travel day before we got back to Houston. She also wanted to pick up some cocoa powder for Christmas cookie baking.

Heading back to the Clear Lake area we stopped off at Home Depot, before ending up at Brandi and Lowell’s. We (and by we, I mean Jan) were going to babysit Landon while Brandi and Lowell take Lowell’s sister Sherry out for her birthday dinner.

Happy Birthday, Sherry!

While they were out, we took Landon to Barcenas for dinner.  And this is where we found out that Landon really takes after his PaPa (me).

Landon Barcenas 1

It takes out he really likes spicy salsa. We were giving Landon plain chips while we were waiting for our food, and Landon, watching us dip our chips in the salsa, starting trying to reach the salsa with his chip.

So I dipped his chip in a little salsa and handed it back to him. He put it in his mouth and his eyes lit up. He started waving the chip for more. A little later I dipped a couple of the fries that came with his chicken tenders into the salsa instead of ketchup, and he wanted more.

I didn’t give him a lot because I wasn’t sure how his tummy would handle it. Might make for some interesting diapers!

Landon Barcenas 2

“Holy smoke. There’s a fire over there!” (Sizzling Fajitas)

Landon Barcenas 3

When we all got back home we waited outside for the fire truck Santa to come by. Every year the Forest Bend Volunteer Fire Department escorts Santa around the subdivision for the kids. The fire trucks are decorated with Christmas lights and sounding their horns and sirens, and are a big hit with the kids. And a big hit with Landon, too. He was fascinated with all the lights and noise.

We had a great time, but after a long day, it was good to finally get home.


Thought for the Day:

The government is rarely benevolent, often malevolent and never benign!



6 Responses

  1. Howdy PaPa Greg,


    I knew it, now when he goes to Okieland he won’t eat their chips!!!

    If, there are any extra of those cards we’d like one..I said EXTRA!!
    Thank you, so much for sharing all of the pics of the #1 Kid, in my book, anyway!!!

    Some day catch him in a ‘bad’ mood and get a pic without the BIG

    Y’all drive as far as we have to to get stuff…

    Hope this is a wonderful week for ALL down there!!!

  2. addendum

    I think he may make a volunteer fireman or he can go to work for
    Mac McCoy , when Mac gets ‘old’, which ain’t agonna happen!!!

  3. Butterbean,

    Yeah, he certainly likes salsa better than ketchup on his French Fries now.

    I’ll see if I can find another photo for you.


  4. Actually if he becomes a fireman, it’ll be in the family.

    My son, his uncle, was a fireman in Texas City for almost 18 years.


  5. What a cute kid. How can you ever leave him and go somewhere else. He always seems to have a smile on his face.

  6. Ron,

    He is a happy little guy.

    It helps that we Skype with him every other week when we’re on the road, so he knew us when we got here.


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