Thank you, Malcolm . . .

I headed out this morning a little after 11 to take another pass at the AT&T fiasco. My first stop was Fry’s Electronics to pick up a new DSL modem. AT&T Tech Support said that the problem was with the new modem they had just replaced, and wanted my client to buy the replacement.

When I asked if we could get our money back if that didn’t fix the problem. They said No. So I picked one up at Fry’s because I knew that after I showed AT&T that the modem wasn’t the problem, I could return it.

And getting to the client’s house, I plugged in the new modem and No, that didn’t fix the problem.


So back on the phone to AT&T I went. And lo and behold, I found Malcolm. Malcolm may be the only person at AT&T with any skills or common sense.

More importantly, he actually listened to what I was saying. I had asked last week if this DSL account was still set up to use static IP’s. I was told they no longer had residential accounts with static IP’s.

Static IP’s date back to the days before home routers were common. IP addresses are those strings of numbers you occasionally see on the Internet like Every computer on the Internet has a different unique number. It’s like your computer’s phone number.

If you wanted to have more than one computer on your DSL line before routers, each computer was given a static IP address from the phone company. I knew this account was originally set up with static IP’s, and I knew that could cause problems if they didn’t realize that.

But when I mentioned this again to Malcolm, he actually looked it up, and found it was a ‘legacy’ account and it was still set up for static IP’s. Once we knew this, AT&T configured things correctly on their end, and in 5 minutes I had Internet again.

Well, 5 minutes and 6 hours, anyway.

I’m really glad that’s done.

About 5pm this afternoon we picked up Dennis and Kathy Brophey and headed up to Seabrook to Tookie’s for dinner. They had seen my blog comments about it and wanted to give it a try.

And they both said they weren’t disappointed.

Really good, as usual.

Coming back to the park we got a tour of the cabinet modifications Dennis and Kathy made to their Revolution LE. Really nice.

But it’s given Jan ideas. And that always means more work for me.

Came across an article on Yahoo about a place in Cambridge MA that serves really hot food. The dish is called Pasta Plate from Hell and one diner said this about it, “Pain. I can’t breathe. I can’t talk,” he said. “It tastes good at first. Now I can’t taste anything,”

Sounds like my kind of place.


Thought for the Day:

"If You Want To Learn To Love Better, You Should Start With A Friend Who You Hate"



6 Responses

  1. Greg,

    Are you on some kind of mission to kill yourself with the hottest food on earth:)?

    Did you get Malcolm’s direct phone number?

  2. Howdy, I sent two email’s to you all with no reply. Maybe I didn’t have youre email right. I needed some testers for my new smoker. We’re in Livingston leaving the 26th. RV Driving School sold. New email/phone. See ya…Dennis & Carol

  3. George,

    Hey, eating hot foods is supposed to be good for you, and make you live longer.

    Or maybe the pain just makes it seem longer!

    No, but I would have gotten his home address if I could.


  4. Dennis,

    After I saw your comment, I went back thru my email and found two from you in my SPAM filter for some reason.

    I guess Verizon doesn’t like you. LOL

    I assume by the 26th, you mean December 26th. Unfortunately I doubt we’ll be able to get up there by then.

    Where are ya’ll going next? Maybe we can meet up.

    Either way, keep in touch.


  5. Howdy lucky g-pa,

    Can’t get to Livingston, but you’re on your way to Massa-chutes-ess
    IN THE MIDDLE OF SNOW SEASON, just to get a sweat on the top of you punkin’?? I hope you don’t teach Landon to eat stuff that HOT!!!
    My Flt. Sgt. g-dotter cut her baby teeth on jalapeno peppers!!! Now she can’t find anything HOT enuff!! (She may make Mstr. Sgt. by now

    Malcolm may have to leave AT&T and go to work for Verizon, now!!

    HE DON’T LIE!!!!!

    Hug Landon for me, please!!!

  6. Hug Landon for me, please!!!

    Will Do.

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