We’re hearing things . . .

For the last several days we’ve been hearing a faint high-pitched tone in the rear of the coach. We can only hear it in the bathroom and just inside the bedroom. It seems to be coming from overhead, but you can’t localize it.

We’ve turned lights and appliances on and off, and listened in the closet and under the bed. I even went outside and checked the bays and engine compartment. You can’t even hear it at all out there. But inside, it’s been there day and night with no change.

So this morning I decided to shut off power to the coach and see if that made a difference. The first thing I did was to shutdown my computer, monitor, and color laser printer. Then I was going to turn off the breakers under the bed one by one, and see what that did. And if that didn’t change anything, I would go outside and shut off the shore power completely.

But when Jan and I went back to the bathroom, the sound was gone.


The only thing I had done was to turn my computer off. So I turned my computer, monitor, and printer back on, but the tone was still gone.

And it’s been gone for about 12 hours now.

So I’m completely mystified as to how my computer could cause a tone that could only be hear in the bathroom, because in doing my checking I had repeatedly closed and opened both bathroom doors with no effect.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it comes back.

About 11:30 I headed out to finish up with the client that I ran out of time with on Wednesday. This second machine was a lot less trouble than the first one, so I made pretty quick progress, finished things up with no surprises, and was able to get back home by about 4:15.

Then at 5:15 Jan and I headed down SH 146 to Galveston to meet Brandi, Lowell, and Landon, as well as Brandi’s BFF, Shawna and her family, at Salsa’s, a Mexican restaurant on the Galveston Seawall. The plan was to have dinner at Salsa’s and then take the kids to see the Moody Garden’s Festival of Lights.

Festival of Lights

But just as we were almost ready to get on to I-45 that would take us into Galveston, Brandi called and said Shawna was running late, and by the time we had supper it would be too late to see the lights. So we decided to meet back up in Dickinson at Monterey’s Little Mexico to eat dinner and they would catch up with Shawna et al., down in Galveston a little later.

As I mentioned yesterday, Jan and I (mostly Jan) are babysitting Landon this weekend at their house, so after a fun dinner we headed back up to Friendswood, while Brandi and Lowell drove on down to Galveston to meet Shawna.

Landon was sound asleep by the time we got there, but woke up a little when Jan changed him and put his pj’s on. But he started falling asleep again as Jan was reading to him.

About 8pm I headed back to the rig for the night to hold down the fort here. But I’ll be back over there tomorrow for a day of more Landon time.


Thought for the Day:

There’s a lot more work to being a Genius than just being a Genius.



7 Responses

  1. Silly rabbit….you’ve got a ghost in your machine.

  2. Now if it was my rig, I’d guess it was an operatic mouse! 🙂

  3. Gina,

    Can’t be a ghost.

    Ghost are supposed to say ‘boo’, not just hum.

  4. Maybe the ghost forgot the word so could only hum.

  5. sounds harmonic, like picking up RF on your fillings

  6. Power strip for the computer maybe? Those can make a high pitched tone when they are going bad . . .if it’s in an overhead cabinet the noise might be transmitting itself back to the bathroom . . .without knowing your layout I can’t tell whether that’s likely or not.

  7. Neil,

    The computer plugs directly into a APC UPS. The sound could only be heard a good 20 feet from the computer. It also made no difference if the door between was open or close, or if the lights were on or not.

    I stood on a stool and listened at the AC vents with no luck. The sound was omnidirectional. It didn’t seem to come from any particular place except somewhat overhead.

    I opened every cabinet in the front of the coach and all the drawers and the closet in the rear.

    All with no luck.


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