Just what I need . . .

another thing to fix.

More kudos to Nick Russell and his Big Lake murder mystery on the Kindle, and now on Smashwords for the Nook and other eReaders.

Right now Big Lake is up to #23 on the Amazon Paid Kindle Books List, ahead of Sue Grafton, Dean Koontz, P.D. James, and Nora Roberts.

And even better, Big Lake is now #76 on the New York Times Top 100 Best Seller List for eBooks.


Jan and I headed out about 11:30 for a day of errands, but our first stop was at King Food for lunch. As usual, our Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce XXXX Spicy with added Jalapenos was delicious, and hot enough to make my head sweat. A really good batch.

After that, I had a series of client visits. First up was a stop at my biggest client to check in and see if he was having any problems.

Finding it all good, I headed over to another client’s office to pick up a check they had left for me. The office was closed today, but luckily this is an office I have a key for, so it was no problem getting my check.

Next I drove over to this same client’s home office to retrieve my Verizon Aircard and Cradlepoint router that I loaned them before they left town. And, since I had never heard back from AT&T Level II Tech Support, I wanted to see if, perhaps, they had fixed the problem remotely.

But getting there, I still did not have an Internet light, so I guess I’ll be back on the phone again tomorrow.

Our next stop was the Wal-Mart near Brandi’s house to pick up some supplies, and then across the street to Sam’s Club for our prescriptions, Kitty Litter, and Joint Juice.

After a stop at a nearby Kroger’s for some lottery tickets, a relaxing Starbuck’s coffee, and a quick pass through Chase Bank to deposit the check I had picked up earlier, we ended up at our daughter Brandi’s for the evening.

We’re babysitting Landon this weekend while Lowell and Brandi have a weekend in Galveston, and Jan wanted to go over Landon’s bath and bed routine.

For supper Brandi fixed a delicious Turkey Enchilada Casserole using ground turkey meat. We want the recipe.

After a long day we got home about 8 pm, and true to form, Jan was asleep on the sofa by 8:30. Of course, she got up about 6am this morning to watch the sunrise, so it was to be expected.

Tomorrow looks to be another busy day, with two client visits and maybe more. We’ll see.

Now as far as my next repair job.

A few days ago our Splendide washer/dryer combo started making a funny noise that occurred only when the dryer fan motor was operating. But due to the trouble it would be to get the washer/dryer out of its cubbyhole, I decided to take a wait-and-see attitude.

Well, all that gained me was a few days respite. After doing a load of clothes this morning Jan said they not only weren’t dry, they weren’t even warm.

Starting up the dryer and listening, I could tell that although the drum was still turning, the fan motor was not running at all.

So after we got home this evening, I was able to find a Splendide repair manual on line, and it looks like it won’t be too difficult . . . I hope.

My first task will be to get the unit out. To aid in that, I’ll use a furniture dolly from our store room, and pull the washer out and on to the dolly, and that way, be able to easily move it out into the living room to get access to it.

Furniture Dolly

According to the manual, removing the top should give me easy access to the fan motor. I also want to check the nearby heater coils to be sure that they were weren’t damaged by the lack of air flow over them. There is a thermal overlimit switch in the circuit, but sometimes these don’t work, especially 12  year old ones like this.

I’ll keep you updated as I work on this, though it’ll probably be this weekend before I have a chance to really tear into it.


Thought for the Day:

"A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject." – Winston Churchill



5 Responses

  1. Hey Greg,

    Does Joint Juice work for you or is it kinda like the Hawthorne Effect?

    On the 12 year old Splendide. It is just as much work to remove the old and put in a new one, BTDT. The new ones are vastly improved and after 12 years it is time to junk the old one. You could make it a Christmas gift for Jan.

  2. Greg, I replaced the fan several years ago on our Splendide combo unit. The hardest part was moving the machine in and out of the cabinet. I took digital pictures before I took the old fan out to be certain that everything was installed correctly.

    It was a very easy repair to make.

  3. Just curious where you found the replacement fan?


  4. Howdy lucky Landon sitters,

    Jan, first you put every toy you can find in the tub along with a cup of
    REALLY GOOD SUDSING baby-scrub; turn on WARM water, until toys begin to float loosely; put Landon’s swimming ‘floaties’ on his arms, then PLOP him in; RUN & SHUT THE DOOR!!! Go back and check on him about every 15 minutes, until he WANTS to get out!! Best way
    to bathe a boy!!! Itz not like when Chris was little!!! THEY MUST HAVE TOYS!!!!!
    You may have created a new John Grisham!! He’ll have to move to Key West for sure!!!

    GOOD LUCK WITH A T &T!!!hahaha THEY LIE!!!

    Hope your day’s going well..

  5. George,

    Yeah, but a new one is over $1000.00, and I’m pretty sure I can replace the fan motor for a whole lot less than that. LOL

    RE Joint Juice

    I was skeptical at first, but Jan, who has more knee and hip pain than I do, swears by it.

    The convincer for her was the beginning of 2009, our second year on the road. Jan had been taking it faithfully for a number of years, but while we were spending a month in Gulf Shores, AL she ran out and we couldn’t find it anywhere there. Then as we travel on down the Florida coast, she got out of the habit of taking it and just kind of forgot about it.

    By the time we ended up in Homestead about a month later, just walking had become painful for her. Then while visiting a friend in West Palm Beach, she saw a bottle of it sitting on their counter and a light went off in her head. We immediately stocked up on it and with in two weeks her joints were back to normal.

    Whether it’s the Joint Juice, Hawthorne Effect, or Placebo Effect, taking it makes her joints feel much better and that’s the whole point.

    As far as I’m concerned, a couple of months ago I stopped taking it as a test. And again I forgot about it. Then right after we got here in Houston I was stepping up into the rig and kind of grunted because I was getting pain and kind of a weakness in my right knee and hip. Jan asked what was wrong, and when I told her, she smirked and reminded me about the Joint Juice. I started taking it again that day, and today, three weeks later, I happened to think about it climbing into the coach, and noticed the pain and weakness was gone.

    So I’m now a firm believer too.

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