Rocking Horses and Flying Pizzas . . .

I was up about 10am, and after coffee, I worked outside the rig, setting out the Solar Patio Lights and other decorations

I also got to meet Eileen from the Rexhall Aerobus next door. She and her husband own a ranch in Wyoming near Yellowstone National Park. They’re here for a month or two, and I can see why. It’s 12 degrees there right now.

About 12:30 I headed into Clear Lake again to go over some possible upgrades with a client. I also spent some time bringing them up to speed on some new software I’d installed for them.

I left the client’s about 3:30 and headed over to Brandi’s to pick up our mail. I was glad to see our new license tag stickers had arrived since the old ones expire tomorrow

But what hadn’t arrived yet was the two APC Uninterruptable Power Supplies that I had ordered for today’s client.


The batteries were failing in their old ones, and it’s usually cheaper to buy new ones than to buy new batteries for them. Hopefully they’ll be in later today, or by tomorrow at least.

Well, now I don’t know where they are. They were out for delivery at 7am this morning, but then when I checkws Tracking I found this.

November 30, 2011

12:27:00 PM

League City TX US

Delay in delivery due to external factors

So what does ‘external factors’ mean? They lost them, dropped them, or what?

Leaving Brandi and Lowell’s I stopped off at the dry cleaners and then our store room. I wanted to drop off Landon’s animated rocking horse Christmas present since it takes up so much room in the rig.

Landon's Horsey

Getting back to the rig I found Kathy Brophey was visiting with Jan. It looks like we’ll be having dinner together tomorrow night. We’re looking forward to it.

Jan and I headed out about 5:45 to stop off at Wal-Mart before meeting Chris, Linda, and Piper, our son and his family, at Mario’s Flying Pizza in Seabrook.

Then, after a great dinner with our kids, Jan and I drove into Clear Lake to a client’s office so I can close out the books for the month and print the monthly reports. Normally, when we’re on the road, I do this using to remotely access the office computers, but I had some other things I wanted to check out, so tonight’s hands-on.


Thought for the Day:

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.



4 Responses

  1. Flying pizza? Do they pretend they’re Frisbees and fly them to you?

  2. Howdy Greg,

    How many times did you move that rocking horse between Indiana and Clear Lake?? They’ll blame the delay on ‘the CHRISTmas rush’!!!

    Flying Pizzas?? Is it anything like Lambert’s?? Hug Landon for me!!

  3. Linda,


    I guess it could work that way, kinda like the Throwed Rolls place, but with bigger & messier consequences if you miss.

    Actually, I think it means where they throw the dough up in the air as they’re making it.


  4. Butterbean,

    I’m certainly glad to get it out of the rig or the truck backseat.

    Flying Pizzas would be messy if it were like Lambert’s.

    Jan wants to know if you’re cheating on us and seeing another blog.

    Are you blogging around on us?

    She saw your comment on someone else’s blog and said she was hurt we didn’t have you all to ourselves.

    Aren’t we enough to occupy all your time?


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