Back in Texas . . .

We were up about 7:30 for our last day on the road for several months. After Wally-Docking in Breaux Bridge, LA we had a 225 mile run back to our winter site at Galveston Bay RV Park in Dickinson, TX.

I started the generator to make coffee, and while Jan microwaved our breakfast sandwiches, I went outside to put some air in my slightly-leaky tire. Normally I wouldn’t have bothered since it wasn’t down that much, but since I had an extra 750 pounds on the rear tires due to the weight of the trailer, I didn’t want to take any chances.

We pulled out of the Wal-Mart about 9 am and headed west on I-10.

After a smooth trip we pulled into the parking lot  of Brocks Automotive about 2 pm. Brock’s have been my mechanics for about 20 years, so I wanted them to take a look at it. They’re not open on the weekends, so we just parked the trailer with the truck still on it in their lot. I’ll call them tomorrow morning and let them know.

About 2:30, Brandi, Lowell, and Landon showed up to meet us. They’re loaning us Lowell’s truck for a few days, while we’re having ours fixed, so they were dropping it off.

After getting in our hugs with Landon, we headed down to our park, but our first stop was at a Buc-ee’s on SR 96. Having seen diesel prices as high as $4.04 in Louisiana, I was very happy to find it here for $3.65, the lowest I’ve seen for a good while. And I’ve seen Unleaded here for as low as $2.99.

It’s great to be back in Texas!

I put in 130 gallons, having traveled 1071 miles since we last filled up 10 days ago on November 10th in Bowling Green, KY. But we actually only used about 120 gallons for traveling. The rest was for about 10 hours of generator time.

This means that on this last tank I’ve average a little over 8.9 mpg. Not bad. Driving 55 mph really works.

One thing that surprised me over the last two days is that pulling the extra 2200 pounds of the car trailer, I was still able to get almost 9.2 mpg on the flat terrain between Gulf Shores and here.

We got to the park a little before 4 pm, and trying to pull into the site we had been given over a month ago, only to find a 5th wheel already parked there. And it looks like they had been there a while.

Making a quick loop around this section, I found site 72 open, and on the bayou side as we had really wanted anyway. And it’s right next door to where we were parked last year.

So I took the empty site. After all, someone took my site, so I get to take someone else’s.

Right? Isn’t that the way it works?

Since the park office isn’t open on Sunday, I’ll have to hash it out tomorrow.

We did a quick and dirty setup, just power and satellite, since we were meeting some of the kids at King Food, our all-time favorite Chinese restaurant. We met Brandi, Lowell, and of course, Landon there, along with our other grandchild, our granddaughter Piper.

Here’s Landon finding out he really likes Lo Mein and Pan Fried Crispy Noodles. He would put the end of the noodle in his mouth and then suck it in just like spaghetti.

Landon at King Food 1

Landon at King Food 2

We had a great time seeing everyone again, and tomorrow we’ll have dinner with Piper’s parents, our son Chris and our daughter-in-law Linda who couldn’t make it tonight.

More fun!


Thought for the Day:

“To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.” – George Orwell



10 Responses

  1. Welcome home!!!!

  2. Welcome back to Texas…. enjoy the grandkids!!

  3. Howdy Jan & Greg,& Mister,

    WELCOME BACK TO TEXAS!!!! Thanx, for the Landon fix!!

    Glad you had a safe trip!!!

  4. Glad you have arrived safely with no further problems from the toad. . .we will arrive in Dickinson at Bay Colony in a couple of weeks, for our grands fix. . .only difference. . .all of ours are teens already. . .makes me so sad!


  5. Gentle reminder to take your tire pressure sensors off the trailer and put them back on the truck… 🙂

  6. Thanks, we’re really glad to be back.

  7. Thanks. We already are.

    Thanks for reading our blog.


  8. Thanks. We’re really glad to be back.


  9. Thanks.

    Let us know when you’re here and we’ll get together.


  10. Thanks a lot, seeing as how I turned the trailer in about 1pm this afternoon. LOL

    But I did remember. Actually I took them off yesterday when we dropped it off at the mechanics.


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