Mulate’s is no more . . .

or Nick’s Revenge.

I was up about 5:45 this morning because I didn’t know how long it was going to take me to get trailer hooked up and the truck up on the trailer and lashed down. But when I went outside I found that it’s not nice to mess with Nick, or Mother Nature, because both of them turned on me this morning.

After ragging on Nick the other day about taking all the bad weather to Florida, I stuck my head out the door and found it was pouring down rain. Last night’s weather said Partly Cloudy with no rain for today, but the sky was just full of liquid sunshine. And then later when I talked to Nick he said it was supposed to rain today where he is, but it turned out to be bright and sunny.

Nick bogarted my nice, sunny weather.

Getting the trailer hooked up ended up being easier than I expected. Since it weighs 2200 pounds the rig had to come the trailer, not the other way around. There was no pushing it into place.

But with Jan guiding me, I had no trouble getting it lined up and cranked down on the ball hitch.

Luckily I already had a draw bar ball hitch to replace my Blue Ox tow bar system, so everything hooked right up, including the lights.

Car Trailer 4


Next I pulled out the ramps and drove the truck up on the trailer, again with no problems. This thing just barely fits.

Car Trailer 2


The trailer is equipped with straps that wrap around the front tires kind of like snow chains. Plus it also has a safety chain that hooks to the front axle.

Car Trailer 1


Then I took the safety chains from my tow bar and ran them from the tow bar attachment points down to the trailer.

This thing isn’t going anywhere.

Car Trailer 3

The trailer has surge brakes and a breakaway chain in case it gets loose, so that helps.

We headed out about 9:30 with Jan driving the rent car. She stopped and fill it up, and then we dropped it off at the rental place a few minutes later with not problems.

About 30 miles into the trip the rain disappeared and we had nice weather the rest of the day. And except for a couple of rough pavement areas, the ride was pretty smooth.

We go into Breaux Bridge, LA about 4 pm and drove straight over to Mulate’s, our favorite cajun place and parked the rig in their lot. And came to find out that Mulate’s, a place we eaten at for more than 20 years, is now Pont Breaux.

But we were told it’s the same staff and the same menu, just different owners. Apparently the restaurant manager bought them out.

And luckily for us, the food is just as good as always. We’ll be back.

We got parked at the Breaux Bridge Wal-Mart a little after 5 and went inside to get some stuff for breakfast, and double-check it was OK to spend the night, since we didn’t see any other rigs.

Car Trailer 5

I normally don’t ask if it’s OK if I see several other rigs already parked. Just what the manager needs is 5 or 10 people bothering him every night.

Tomorrow we have a 225 mile run to our park in Dickinson, TX, and then dinner with the kids and grandkids at our favorite Chinese restaurant.



Thought for the Day:

“Men make plans…God laughs”



3 Responses

  1. Yes, Greg, and I can bring down a plague of locusts too, if I choose to. 🙂

  2. You can change the weather, but you can’t fix anything.

    Why is that?

  3. I’ve got people to do that, Greg

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