Last Day in Gulf Shores . . .

Today was our last day here in Gulf Shores so after coffee we headed out to visit some of our favorite places in the area.

Our first stop was Tallulah’s Treasures, a really neat gift shop that used to be known as Tootie’s Yellow Broom. This is probably the most unique gift shop I’ve ever seen, and believe me, we’ve visited a lot of them over the years. They have some really neat stuff.

When we were here in March of 2009 this really high-end RV Resort was going up in Orange Beach right across the road from the ocean.

Luxury MH 1

And when I say high-end, I mean the lots started at $500,000 and went to over $1,000,000. The sites were nice, and although not very large, they did include a small house or casita on the lot as you can see in this photo.

Luxury MH 2


Well, this is what it looks like now. Overgrown and out of business.

Luxury MH 3

Luxury MH 4

Guess those million dollar lots didn’t move as well as they thought.

Luxury MH 5

Our next stop was in the Romar Beach area where my parents had two beach houses. At one time they owned all the property from about 100 feet behind me over to the big condo building on the right

And, before September 2004, both sides of the road here was filled with houses, but after Hurricane Ivan hit in September 2004, this is what’s left. The pink cottage on the left is one of my parent’s houses, and the only one to survive Ivan.

Originally there were two of them, and they were side by side on the right side next to the condo. But over the years they sold both of them. One was torn down and replaced by something bigger. The one now on the left was moved there and also replaced by a bigger house of the beach side.

Beach House 1

And I’m sure if the other hadn’t been torn down it would have survived too. My father knew how to build for the beach and it showed.

Beach House 2

Below is the beautiful ocean view from our beach houses.

Beach House View

Later we drove down the west beach to the bridge where we always see a lot of Jan’s favorite pelicans. There is a large water main along the bridge and the pelicans really like to rest there.

Pelicans 7

It’s a lot of fun to watch them jockey for position and push each other off the pipe.

Pelicans 8

While waiting to hear from the U-Haul trailer guy we drove over to the beach and took the walkway out to the ocean.

Gulf State Park Beach 1

I’ve visited beaches all over the continental US and I still think Gulf Shores beaches are pretty much the most beautiful around. These sugar sand beaches can’t be beat.

Gulf State Park Beach 2

Gulf State Park Beach 3

Gulf State Park Beach 4

About 3:30 we headed over to pick up the car trailer we were renting to tow our truck home. Normally we would have to pick it up ourselves by taking the rig over there, but I offered the guy $20 if he would deliver it. So after signing the paperwork, the guy followed us back over to our site and dropped it off.

One thing I was surprised to learn is how heavy this thing is.


I had hoped to be able to push it the last 15 feet to hitch it to the back of the rig tomorrow morning, but this sucker weighs 2200 POUNDS. So I’m going to have to back the rig up to it, and hope to get it aligned. We’ll see how it works out.

About 4:30, after getting the trailer delivered, we picked up Eldy and Jeanne and headed up toward Foley to Lambert’s Throwed Rolls. They had never eaten there so we wanted them to give it a try.

This time I just the veggie plate, which along with the pass-arounds, was a great meal. Jan had her usual Fried Chicken, as did Jeanne, while Eldy had the Fried Catfish, which he thought was delicious.

Eldy and Jeanne are staying in the area for another week or so, so we gave them a number of other places to eat and visit. Hopefully they’ll enjoy the area as much as we do.

Tomorrow night we’ll Wally-Dock in Breaux Bridge, LA before arriving in Houston on Sunday. We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone.


Thought for the Day:

"Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts." – Richard Feynman, father of Quantum Physics



2 Responses

  1. Hi Greg & Jan. We’ve been to that area and want to go back as we didn’t get to spend much time there while visiting our friends on Dauphin Island. Loved it there……but then again it wasn’t hurricane season. See you in Yuma!

  2. But that’s the nice thing about visiting there in an RV. If a hurricane heads your way, just retract the slide and the levelers and head out. LOL

    Look forward to seeing you in Yuma.

    Greg and Jan

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