A Little Disappointed . . .

or a new ride . . . temporarily.

We’ve really lucked out on the weather since we got here. Originally it was supposed to rain for most of our time here, but except for a short shower about midnight last night, and a little rain squall early this afternoon, it has really been nice, and looks to stay that way until we leave on Saturday.

For lunch today I decided to just have chips and salsa, but the salsa was the Ghost Chili Salsa I bought at Jungle Jim’s Market in Cincinnati a couple of weeks ago.

Ghost Chili Salsa

To refresh your memory, Ghost Chilies, until recently, were the hottest chilies in the world. At about 1,000,000 Scoville Units, it’s about 200 times hotter than regular jalapenos.

I’ve had hot wings made with Ghost Chilies a couple of times and they were pretty much the hottest things I’ve ever eaten, so I approached the salsa with some trepidation.

So I was kind of disappointed to find it was only about as hot as the hottest salsa I’ve had, but not near as hot as the Ghost Chili hot wings.

I’m kind of wondering if they just don’t make the salsa and then tie a string on a Ghost Chili and just dunk it in the salsa a few times. I’ve had Chinese food that was much hotter.

As far as our new temporary ride, this is it.

Our New Ride

A Ford Explorer from Enterprise Car Rental.

And this is the reason we have it. Those two broken flanges sticking up should be holding up the right front wheel drive axle on our 4 wheel drive to the truck frame.

Broken Axle 1

But the bracket broke, dropping the drive shaft, and severing the flexible joint in the drive line on that side. But the real problem is the other side. The broken bracket let the front differential drop enough so that the change in angle of the drive line on that side causes a lot of noisy banging.

Broken Axle 2

The truck is drivable, but with over 500 miles still to go to get back home, I decided to rent a dolly to tow it home, and also rent a car to use for the next few days while we’re here.

So about 3 pm, the Enterprise Car Rental guy came by to pick me up. After dropping him off I stopped off at the U-Haul place to follow up on the car dolly rental.

After I talked with the rental guy we decided the dolly wasn’t really big enough to handle our 5000 pound truck, and we would need a full car trailer to carry the load. We’ll pick it Friday afternoon before we leave on Saturday morning.

After getting back to the rig, about 4:30 Jan and I jumped into our new ride and drove up to King Neptune’s Seafood for some more great seafood, and topped it off by splitting a Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce.


Thought for the Day:

"I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals." – Winston Churchill.



4 Responses

  1. Greg, we will be very interested in learning the root cause of that bracket failure. Pretty impressive break.

    FYI that towing a Ford Escape behind my RV on a full dolly cost me about 1 mpg. The vehicle is not as close to the motor home as normal towing and thus there was more turbulence (my thoughts, anyway). So you might set aside a few more pennies for diesel.

    GOOD luck!

  2. Howdy Greg,
    YOU BROKE YOUR TRUCK!!! From the looks of that drive-shaft hanging down I think it might BANG around a little bit!!! Don’t you carry a welder? Don’t get too used to that pretty Explorer!!!

  3. I’ll be sure and post the results of what they find.

    Thanks for reading our blog.

    Greg White

  4. Actually the part hanging down is not the part that’s banging. It’s just connected to the front differential, so unless I’m in 4 wheel drive, it just hangs there.

    The problem is the joint on the other side that, because the differential has dropped down, the angle is wrong and the joint clatters because it’s being turned by the wheel itself.

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