Last Day in Indiana . . .

Well, except for the small decorative moose clock in the bathroom, all the clocks in the rig now automagically set themselves to the atomic clock in Colorado, so last night’s change from Daylight Savings Time went very smoothly. Besides the moose clock, all that was left was the clock in the toad.

Of course it’s really all for naught since tomorrow we move back into Central Time Zone, and except for our cell phones, I haven’t found any house clocks with GPS so they know when they’ve moved into a new time zone.

I hope someone’s working on that.

I spent some time today getting us ready to travel tomorrow. Since we’ll be boondocking at least one night I added some water to the fresh tank, and topped off the air in my driver’s inside rear dual. It has a slight leak, and after a couple of weeks always needs some air.

It’s been about a month since I last checked the batteries so I topped them off and then stored some things in the bays.

Tomorrow morning all I should have to do is bring in the satellite dish and unhook the utilities and we’re good to go.

About 3pm Nick Russell called to check in and say the rainy, bad weather had caught up with him in Florida and neighbors were starting to complain.

Someone down in drought-stricken Texas had offered him a new RV if he came down there for the winter and brought the rain with him, but Nooooo! He just had to go to Florida and ruin it for everyone.

Thanks, Nick.

A little before 4pm Jan and I headed into the Cincinnati area to have dinner again at Logan’s Roadhouse, the closest decent steak place. Texas Roadhouse is better, but the nearest one here is a lot further away.

We got back to the park a little before 6, and I parked behind the rig this time and went ahead and hooked up the toad and brake system so we’ll be ready to go tomorrow morning.

We’ve really enjoyed our stay here at Indian Lakes, and hopefully we’ll get to come back next year. It’s a really nice park.


Thought for the Day:

Remember, if you’re not playing the game, the game is playing you.



5 Responses

  1. Safe travels, dear friends. We look forward to getting together again down the road.

  2. Thanks.

    We really miss you guys.

  3. Howdy Greg,
    The RV that was offered to our wealthy pal, The Nixter, was probably like the one Merikay stuck all of the turn directions on to direct Craig in BACKING UP THEIR CROOKED DRIVEWAY.. Man, I can back just about anything and won a ‘bus-rodeo’ once , but I’ll bet $$ that Dennis Hill couldn’t back into their drive!!! EVEN SLOWLY!!!!

    Come on home and be sure to com e by the ranch; the venison chili is waiting!!!! ITZ HOTTT!!!

    Be aware of the ‘Idiot Drivers’ on the road and listen when Jan says “Turn”!!!!!!!

  4. I’m with you on the GPS for the clocks. . .really!

    Enjoy your trip home. . .we’re gonna spend a month at Bay Colony in Dickinson. . .so maybe we can meet up for a meal. . .I’m sure you know where the TX Roadhouse is by the mall. . .or even over on the Beltway.

    Safe travels. . .

  5. Janice,

    Heck, I’m pretty sure we know where ALL the Texas Roadhouses are in the area.

    Plan on us getting together after we get settled in.

    Probably sometime after Thanksgiving would be best.

    See you soon.


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