A Cold, Nasty Day . . .

Well, after the beautiful sunny weather yesterday, today we woke up to cold and rainy. Never got out of the mid-40’s and rained pretty steady all day. Yuck!

But at least tomorrow is looking up again with sunny and the high 50’s. Of course tomorrow night it’s back down to a little below freezing.

About 2, Fedex online tracking said that Jan’s new phone, an LG Revere, had arrived at the park office so I went down to pick it up.

Getting home I installed the battery and plugged in the enclosed charger. I’ll let it charge overnight and then we’ll activate it tomorrow. I’m also going to see if I can transfer the contact list between Jan’s old and new phones using Verizon’s online Backup Assistant.

At 4 Jan and I headed out for dinner, but our first stop was the Post Office over in Sunman, the closest town. I was sending back a USB wireless card that I ordered a week or so that didn’t work. So back it goes.

Our dinner destination was the Cracker Barrel about 15 miles away in Harrison, OH, which is just over the border from Indiana. Thursday is Cracker Barrel’s turkey and dressing day, Jan’s favorite. Unlike a lot of other places, they have cornbread dressing, not just bread dressing.

Jan says if it ain’t cornbread, it ain’t dressing.

After dinner we drove across the parking lot to pick up some groceries at Biggs, a local supermarket.

Then coming back into the park, we stopped at the front gate to sign up for Saturday night’s Thanksgiving Dinner here at the park. It’s $4 each, and we bring a covered dish. Jan’s fixing her world-famous Broccoli-Cheese Casserole, with the park supplying turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and other vegetables. Sounds great and we’re looking forward to it.


Thought for the Day:

Life’s a race. Keep your motor runnin’ and burn rubber every now and then!



2 Responses

  1. Oh I am so with Jan. . .if it ain’t cornbread. . .it ain’t dressing. . .no two ways about it!


  2. Howdy Jan & Greg,
    I’m with Jan, if it ain’t cornbread, it ain’t dressing!!!! Baked in a pan
    and not in the turkey!!! (thatz stuffin’)
    Sure wish you’d bring some of that rain down here..

    Landon is waiting(not patiently) for you to get back ‘home’!!!

    How come Jan didn’t make some cornbread dressing for the dinner??

    Safe travels on: Smooth roads, under clear blue skies, with balmy breezes ALL OF THE WAY BACK TO TEXAS!!!!!!!!!

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