Man the Lifeboats . . .

We seem to be on day 3 of the 40 days and 40 nights of rain. I expect Ark building to commence momentarily.

It’s the Lord, Noah!


For a real laugh, check out Bill Cosby’s take on Noah and the Ark.

After coffee, and later lunch, I headed back over to the RV/MH Hall of Fame. I think I’m finally on the downhill run on this, and hope to finish Friday, or Saturdaynat the latest, unless I run into something else unexpected.

Getting home about 5pm I found our daughter Brandi had sent us this new Landon picture. Wonder if he’s also wearing the cowboy boots we bought him?

Landon in Cowboy Hat

Nick was head down trying to finish up the latest issue of the Gypsy Journal, so by the time he was finished and uploaded it to the printer, it was almost 8, so we wanted to eat close by. And our choice was King Wha and their great Chinese food. And they were really on their game tonight with a great meal.

Getting back to the rig, the pond surrounding our rig is getting bigger and deeper. If this keeps up we’ll have to break out our waders.


Thought for the Day:

“Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.” – Otto Von Bismarck



2 Responses

  1. “Right. What’s a cubit?”

    We used to own a whole collection of Bill Cosby records. Funny man. Thanks for reminding me. Sorry you have to have all that rain to do it, though.

  2. Don’t forget to sign the cache log of Famously Found at the MH Hall of Fame on your next visit.
    Love your regular blogs.
    BTW I travel with both am IDE & SATA external drive cases. Best way to move data ever. Last night julie came over with a dead western digital external drive. I pulled it out of the case, pop it into the black widow external drive, and it worked just fine. it was a bad controller card. 240 GB saved. 🙂
    Hi to Jan.

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